Numerous Southwest RMs issue municipal fire bans

Seven additional Southwest Rural Municipalities have issued fire bans in response to the dry conditions being experienced across Saskatchewan.

Effective immediately, fire bans have been issued by the R.M.’s of Swift Current #137, Lac Pelletier #107, Riverside #168, Coulee #136, Whiska Creek #106, Webb #138, as well as the Lac Pelletier Regional Park.

The newest bans are on all open fires, including fire pits and burning barrels.

“We are encouraging everyone to use EXTREME caution as the dry weather has caused high risk for fire in our area. This ban will be in effect until further notice,” a press release announcing the fire bans stated.

These new bans are in addition to fire bans already in effect across much of the province. Other fire bans in the Southwest are in place for:
#18 RM of Lone Tree
#109 RM of Carmichael
#135 RM of Lawtonia
#142 RM of Enterprise
#165 RM of Morse
#169 RM of Pittville
#171 RM of Fox Valley
#194 RM of Enfield
#225 RM of Canaan
#226 RM of Victory
#228 RM of Lacadena
#230 RM of Clinworth
#231 RM of Happyland
#232 RM of Deer Forks

Fire bans have also been instituted by the following area villages: Beechy, Chaplin and Sceptre.