Western Senior Citizens Home receiving $1.57 million improvement

e Cypress Regional Health
Authority has approved a $1.57
million renovation project at
Leader’s Western Senior Cit-
izens Home, a construction
project which is separate from
the Integrated Health Facility
Leader’s long-term care facil-
ity will receive a building wide
facelift. Among the scheduled
work will be new flooring,
painting, re-
freshing the
with new
vanities, im-
proved light-
ing fixtures,
along with
kitchen fa-
cilities plus
replacing the
nursing sta-
tion with a
more modern
work station.
Ceiling lifts
will also be
added in each
While the
project was
never part of
the Leade

ntegrated Health Facility con-
struction work, Health Region
o cials felt they still needed to
proceed with an overall facility
upgrade at the Western Senior
Citizens Home.
“It just makes sense when
you’ve already got crews out
there. It becomes more eco-
nomical to actually have them
do the work at the same time,
rather than having a crew
coming out again and the mi-
lage and everything that gets
occurred,” admitted Cypress
Health Region CEO Beth Va-
“As we were costing out that
job, we knew the work that we
wanted to do. So we actually
had the contractor do alter-
nate pricing on us, so it wasn’t
part of the hospital part of the
project. “
“ ey were able to actually
price this out for us so we knew
what it would be. And then ac-
tually we went through the list
and picked and chose wha

it was that we could actually
choose to a ord to support.”
To fund the project, the Cy-
press Regional Health Author-
ity will be utilizing $390,000 for
flooring improvements from
capital infrastructure funding,
$890,694 will come from the
Health Region’s unrestricted
funds, and the remaining
$290,165 comes from the com-
“It’s a good, solid building, so
we’re really con dent in build-
ing onto that building. But it’s
old. It needs a refresh, every-
thing from new flooring to
painting the rooms to putting
overhead lifts in. We want to
put some kitchen space at the
end of each hallway so that we
can actually start to actually
replicate that small home feel
“It helps us to move to the
model of care that we’re im-
plementing throughout the
region, wherever that’s pos-