Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce voices opposition to Bill C-69

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has concerns that the very fabric of our country is being threatened by the devastating impact of low crude oil prices, our inability to get energy resources to global markets, and the increasing tensions between Canadians who live in resource-producing regions and other parts of Canada.

“Saskatchewan’s high standard of living is reliant on a sustainable energy sector and that means getting our resource products to market at a fair price and in a timely manner. The current situation allows for neither to happen,” said CEO Steve McLellan.

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is joining hundreds of other chambers of commerce and boards of trade across the country today to demand immediate improvements to Canada’s broken and dysfunctional regulatory system to ensure our energy resources get to international markets.

“Canada’s economic well-being is at risk. Political and regional tensions are straining the unity of our country. We need to come together as Canadians to deliver a pointed message to politicians in Ottawa and across the country: the businesses in your jurisdictions want you to act, and act now,” McLellan said.

“The first priority is to fix Bill C-69. The Federal Government also needs to implement the regulatory changes promised in the fall 2018 economic update, and make immediate plans to get our resources to tidewater. Canadians have had enough of the talk. We want to see real, concrete actions taken,” added McLellan.

There is enormous demand for Canadian energy products, which are some of the cleanest and most ethically-produced in the world, to displace coal as an energy source within growing economies like China and India. Canada is squandering an opportunity to put more money in the pockets of every single Canadian and fight climate change at the same time because of the endless political bickering.