Weather records set for three consecutive days during bitter cold snap

A total of 24 low temperature records have been set across Saskatchewan this week while the province remains impacted by a frigid arctic air mass.

A dozen record breaking lows were set this morning throughout the province, with Coronach dipping to a Saskatchewan low mark of -46.5 Celsius, a full 5.5 degrees colder that their previous mark of -41.0 set in 1994.

An over 100 year record was set in Prince Albert today, with the mercury plunging to -44.8, breaking the former coldest February 8 of -42.8 set in 1899.

Other new record lows recorded by Environment Canada on February 8 were:
Assiniboia -42.6 (former mark -38.5 in 1994);
Elbow -37.6 (former mark -32.2 in 1959);
Estevan -41.2 (former mark -40.1 in 1994);
Hudson Bay -39.2 (former mark -36.9 in 1979);
Key Lake -44.4 (former mark -43.5 in 2001);
Last Mountain -43.0 (former mark -42.0 in 1994);
Meadow Lake -43.0 (former mark -42.7 in 1994);
Melfort -39.2 (former mark -38.0 in 1994);
Nipawin -43.6 (former mark -39.4 in 1939);
Weyburn -41.6 (former mark -41.0 in 1994).

And while Environment Canada has finally removed the Extreme Cold Warning from the Southwest, cold conditions will continue to dominate the weather for the next few days.

Back on Thursday, five record lows were recorded by Environment Canada.

Both Key Lake and Meadow Lake reached new records lows of -46.5 Celsius on February 7 as an Environment Canada Extreme Cold Warning remains in place across the entire province. Key Lake broke their former mark of -41.2 set in 2008, while Meadow Lake’s new record broke their former mark of -39.8 set in 1994.

Additional records were set in Prince Albert -44.2 (old record -40.6 set in 1895), Weyburn -38.2 (old record -37.5 set in 1994), and Wynyard -38.6 (old record -36.7 set in 1994).

In the Southwest, Assiniboia recorded a temperature of -36.0 to equal their previous mark of -36.0 set in 1994. Leader dropped to -37.7 Celsius, but did not break the record of -39.0 set on 1994. Swift Current recorded a morning low of -36.5 Celsius, but it did not eclipse the record of -37.8 set in 1899.

Back on Wednesday, seven Saskatchewan communities recorded new record low temperatures.

Leader dipped to a new record low of -37.4 Celsius for February 6, breaking the former mark of -36.1 set in 1936. It now stands as the coldest February 6 on record in Leader dating back to when records were first kept in 1924.

Key Lake in northern Saskatchewan plunged all the way to -47.7 Celsius, breaking the former mark of -44 set in 2007.

Other records recorded by Environment Canada were set on February 6 in:
Collins Bay -40.6 (former mark -38.2 in 1985);
Elbow -36.1 (former mark -35.6 in 1972);
Meadow Lake -43.5 (former mark -41.0 in 1979);
Saskatoon -42.5 (former mark -41.7 in 1907);
Wynyard -38.9 (former mark -36.7 in 1972).