Controversial presentation on children and parental rights to go on despite shutdown attempts 


Freedom Patriots SASK (FPS) is proud to host a discussion tonight on sexuality and gender identity despite pressure from groups who want to shut down the conversation. FPS is hosting Wilna Van Beek, a self-described former lesbian who will share her Christian testimony and Dr. Ann Gillies, a retired psychotherapist who specializes in providing support for those who have undergone trauma, including sexual trauma. Early yesterday, October 3, Yorkton Pride and Southwest Saskatchewan Pride sent a media release attacking Dr. Ann’s credentials and claiming the event “threatened public safety in Saskatchewan.” “We initiated a conversation with the pride community a week ago.” says Pam Wright, spokesperson for the event. “Yesterday, we had what we thought to be a very open and respectful conversation with representatives of Southwest Saskatchewan Pride. It is unfortunate that they didn’t contact us prior to publicizing their media release and other malicious social media content.” Wright continues to say that “Had they contacted us sooner, it could have dispelled some very unjustifiable misunderstandings and slander about the event, the speakers, and FPS.” Wright says Gillies has already talked to her lawyer about responding to these defamatory statements. Wright believes it would behoove the pride community to learn more about the conversion therapy laws before falsely accusing others of practicing it. “Publicly sharing experiences or research on the topic is not a criminal offence.” Van Beek will be sharing how she was actually held down by force as she endured unwanted conversion therapy. 

“The purpose of our event is to provide awareness of the sexualization that is occurring in schools, and to put a stop to it. Neither FPS, nor any of our speakers support torturing or harming children in any which way, shape or form. As per the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, one of the fundamental rights of a child is to be protected by her parents. The Convention says that childhood is separate from adulthood and lasts until 18; it is a special, protected time, in which children must be allowed to grow, learn, play, develop, and flourish with dignity.” Wright says the type of sexually disturbing material being allowed in some schools should be banned completely from our schools. 

The Criminal Code of Canada sections 152, 163.1, and 171.1 defines sexual criminal acts against children under the age of 18 years. The Canadian Center for Child Protection defines non-contact sexual abuse as: 

• Encouraging a child to masturbate or watch others masturbate 

• Exposing a child to individuals engaging in sexually explicit acts (including exposure to adult pornography) 

• Exposing a child to child sexual abuse material 

The event will take place tonight at the InnovationPlex Auditorium (formerly being held at the iPlex Curling Club Lounge) “This is an invitation for everyone to come for a peaceful dialogue to hear all sides of the story.” Wright says. 

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