Letter to the editor: SK Arts’ funded organizations are needed


The arts and creative industries add economic and social value to our province and country. The sector builds stronger and happier communities, gives us a sense of belonging and civic pride, improves mental health, increases innovative thinking in our students, and contributes to the province’s GDP. 

• SK Arts’ funded organizations contribute $74m to the provincial economy while receiving $5.4m in provincial funding. 

• For every $1 invested by the provincial government, SK Arts’ funded organizations generated $13.70 of economic output. 

• SK Arts’ funded organizations were responsible for supporting 819 FTEs (full-time equivalents) within the province. 

• For every $100,000 invested by the province, SK Arts’ funded organizations created 15 FTEs. 

• Current funding to SK Arts is well below historical levels – approximately $180,000 less than a decade ago, which has not even come close to keeping up with the provincial Consumer Price Index. 

With the rising cost of living and the six percent increase in ticket prices due to the 2022 PST expansion, the arts have become less affordable and, therefore, less accessible to many individuals and families in this province. 

Some arts organizations are at risk of closing their doors for good. The arts and culture sector is contributing more than ever to the province’s revenue, and all we ask of the provincial government is that SK Arts receive consistent, stable funding to match inflation. 

We encourage you to attend an arts event in your community and show your support. 

Em Ironstar, Executive Director 

Saskatchewan Arts Alliance