Swift Current SPCA makes appeal to public for funding

The Swift Current SPCA is making an appeal to the public to help them reach their financial needs for 2017.

The SPCA has launched their $17 for ’17 appeal, calling on regional residents to make a $17 donation, or higher, to support the pet shelter during 2017.
“We are seeing cost increases, especially in areas such as food, staffing and medical expenses and we are starting to see more costs related to our building as it gets older,” McLaughlin SPCA President Susan McLaughlin said of the community-funded shelter.
McLaughlin notes that even a $17 donation per person in the City of Swift Current would take the SPCA a long way toward its annual fundraising goal. The request is also an amount that many people can afford, even in challenging economic times.
“Unlike some non-profit organizations, we don’t receive any provincial or federal funding, so our ability to pay the bills and continue to serve 250 to 300 pets each year really depends on the people of our area,” McLaughlin adds.
The Swift Current SPCA, which has operated animal shelter services in Swift Current since 1973, is not affiliated with nor funded by the Saskatchewan SPCA, as the two organizations have somewhat different mandates.
Donations toward the SPCA Annual Appeal can be mailed to the Swift Current SPCA at Box 1163, Swift Current, S9H 3X3 or dropped off the SPCA Shelter at 2101 Knight Crescent or the SPCA Used Book Store at 37 1st Ave NE. Supporters can also donate online at the SPCA website www.spcaswiftcurrent.com. Donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax-receipt.