Three unbeaten teams remain in Super League

Three unbeaten teams remain after week three in the Swift Current Curling Club – Innovation Credit Union Super League. RBC Dominion Securities, Westax, and Cypress Ford/Subway all moved to 3-0 on the season with victories.

November 21 results were as follows:

RBC Dominion Securities defeated Techmation Electric & Controls.

Kruse Glass & Aluminum defeated Therrien Construction.

Westax defeated B&A Petroleum.

Pennas Welding defeated Swift Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Cypress Ford/Subway defeated Chambers.

James defeated Quintin.

November 28 schedule:

Kruse Glass & Aluminum (Rayner) vs Pennas Welding (Andrews); Quintin vs Westax (Kirkpatrick); Techmation Electric & Controls (Toews) vs Cypress Ford/Subway (Rumpel); Chambers vs Therrien Construction (Dixon); RBC Dominion Securities (Haichert) vs James; B&A Petroleum (Seidler) vs Swift Plumbing & Heating Ltd (Wicks).

Standings (as of November 21)
1st – RBC Dominion Securities (Haichert) 3-0-0
2nd – Westax (Kirkpatrick) 2-0-0
3rd – Cypress Ford/Subway (Rumpel) 3-0-0
4th – Therrien Construction (Dixon) 2-1-0
5th – Quintin 1–2-0
6th – Pennas Welding (Andrews) 1-2-0
7th – Swift Plumbing & Heating Ltd (Wicks) 1-2-0
8th – James 1-2-0
9th – Kruse Glass & Aluminum (Rayner) 1-2-0
10th – Chambers 1-2-0
11th – Techmation Electric & Controls (Toews) 1-2-0
12th – B&A Petroleum (Seidler) 0-3-0