Maple Creek man fined for chasing antelope with ATV

A Maple Creek man pled guilty to a pair of Wildlife Act violations in connection to an October incident where an ATV chased and ran down a pronghorn antelope with a side-by-side ATV.

Jonathon Hofer, 45, was fined a total of $3,280 after pleading guilty to a charge of chasing a big game animal with a vehicle, plus a charge of waste of game. He also received a one-year hunting and trapping suspension.
A government press release on the charge notes that on October 23, 2016, an off-duty Ministry of Environment conservation officer was driving on a road approximately 25 kilometres southwest of Maple Creek when he noticed a side-by-side ATV driving back and forth in a field at a high rate of speed.
Using binoculars, the officer watched the ATV chase something, run it over and then stop. The occupants then proceeded to load what looked like a pronghorn antelope into the box.
When the occupants became aware they were being watched, they took off in the opposite direction from the officer. They stopped at a stand of trees and exited the ATV. They returned to the ATV and then approached the off-duty officer where they had a brief conversation. The driver, who also had three youths with him, told the officer to leave the area.
The officer drove away and contacted an on-duty officer. Officers returned to the area and located a mature pronghorn buck in the trees where the ATV had stopped earlier in the day.
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