Triathlon athletes test out Western Canada Summer Games course

The Saskatchewan Landing Triathlon was hosted on August 5.

A series of triathlon competitions were held on August 5 during the second test event for the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games.

The Saskatchewan Landing Triathlon was hosted on Sunday morning, with a trio of triathlon competitions ran in order to give organizers an opportunity to check the routes and identify issues for the triathlon event which will be part of next year’s Games.

The opening triathlon, aimed at Games-aged athletes, featured a 500 metre swim, a 12.4 kilometre bike, and a three kilometre run.

In addition to a large contingent of young athletes from the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation (STAC) there were also competitors from Alberta and Manitoba taking to the Saskatchewan Landing course.

Prpick Boss Enterprises hosted the triathlon, and except for a minor course adjustment because of pre-race precipitation, the event ran smoothly.

“Starting off this morning with the rain, we had to make an adjustment to the bike course. That was disappointing, but our number one priority is safety and safety of the athletes. So we did a quick change. I’ve talked to several athletes and the change with the bike route was positive,” event organizer Stephanie Prpick-Boss noted.

The day of triathlon races also included a sprint event for seasoned athletes (a 750 metre swim, a 21.3 kilometre bike, and a five kilometre run), while novice competitors were invited to try-a-tri by swimming 250 metres, biking 4.6 kilometres, and finishing with a two kilometre run.

“I would say the Saskatchewan Landing, with lots of rolling hills and lots of different grades and inclines, I would say this course would be a tough challenge,” she admitted.

After hosting the event they will now conduct an evaluation of how the triathlon ran and if any changes are needed for the competition next August.

“We’re really interested to get a lot of feedback from the athletes, from the coaches.”

Stephanie Prpick-Boss and Stephen Boss are the chairs of the Triathlon event for the Games, and they are looking forward to this event and other opportunities helping grow the sport in the Southwest.






“We want the triathlon venue at the Games to be the highest number attended. Today we probably, I would say, have had over 300 people between spectators and volunteers come here. So we’re really optimistic that the sport is growing now in the Southwest.”

A total of 56 individuals tested their fitness on the triathlon course, with 27 entrants in the Super Sprint event, 24 people took on the Sprint challenge, while five athletes participated in the Try and Tri event.

2018 Saskatchewan Landing Triathlon
Draft Legal Super Sprint
(500 metre swim, 12.4 kilometre bike, three kilometre run)
1. Blake Harris (14), Sanford MB – 43:44.68.
2. Sean Hooper (25), Regina – 45:58.86.
3. Joshua Mason (15), Saskatoon – 46:22.60.
1. Molly Lakustiak (14), Regina – 47:13.49.
2. Ella Perras (15), Regina – 47:49.48.
3. Megan Vanheyst (16), Stony Mountain MB – 48:41.89.

Sprint Triathlon
(750 metre swim, 21.3 kilometre bike, five kilometre run)
1. Marc Fournier (51), Winnipeg – 57:18.00.
2. Stefano Zanotto (26), Saskatoon – 59:01.80.
3. Alec Gill (49), Okotoks AB – 1:00:44.86.
1. Nataliia Kolesova (17), Regina – 59:16.62.
2. Tamara Salomon (47), Saskatoon – 1:08:01.22.
3. Tyra Dickson (36), Moose Jaw – 1:08:02.36.

Try A Tri
(250 metre swim, 4.6 kilometre bike, two kilometre run)
1. Roan Fulford (11), Parkland Country AB – 29:44.26.
2. Isabelle Gottselig (11), Swift Current – 30:55.10.
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