SHSAA badminton playoffs continue


April 28 was a busy day of badminton as both the juniors and seniors continued their playoffs. The seniors gather at Swift Current Comp to compete in the SWAC District championships. The teams were divided into two pools with the top two in each pool advancing to the playoffs. The semi finals were followed by the third place and gold medal matches. The results were as follows:


Gold medalist – Sara Kendall (Ponteix) over 2nd place Cassandra Benson (Hazlet) 21-19, 10-21, 22-20.

3rd place – Kaitlynn Bradford (Cabri) over 4th place Madison Bertram (Frontier) 21-19, 21-15.


Gold medalist – Bobby Hudec (Fox Valley) over 2nd place Dallyn Jamieson (Cabri) 21-9, 21-12.

3rd place – Riley Hughes (Hazlet) over 4th place Garret Mitchell (Frontier) 21-14, 21-18.


Gold medalists – Payton Stimson/Kyla Tumbach (Leader) over 2nd place Megan Tumbach/Kerstyn Wenzel (Leader) 21-7, 21-13.

3rd place – Lara New/Justine Bennett (Swift Current Comp.) over 4th place Ashley Bakus/Carmen Hildebrand (Herbert) 25-27, 21-19, 21-10.


Gold medalists – Carson Leach/Jordan Mastel (Leader) over 2nd place Sam Ganert/Ethan Bosch (Fox Valley) 21-19, 22-20.

3rd place – Mason Mass/Kaden Gramlich (Fox Valley) over 4th place Dustin Kendall/Tanner Kendall (Ponteix) 18-21, 21-18, 21-14.


Gold medalists – Matthew Ganert/Kenna Anton (Fox Valley) over 2nd place Nicholas Ehnisz/Rebecca Chou (Fox Valley) 21-15, 21-11.

3rd place – Erik Scory/Payton Wilkinson (Leader) over 4th place Morgan Bock/Connor Drever (Maple Creek) 21-19, 21-16.

Thanks to our host school Swift Current Comp. as well as the commissioner Houston Doig (Leader) and special thanks to the Swift Current Comp. badminton team and head coach Janna Walker for all their work in hosting the event!

The top two will now advance to SHSAA regional badminton, which will be held May 5 at Moose Jaw. There will be six teams in each category – two from SWAC, two from West Central district and two from South Central district. They will play a round robin with the top two advancing to Provincials in Wilkie on May 12.

The junior badminton was affected by the large power outage in the Southwest. Host sites had to be changed that morning as some areas had power while others did not. Big thank you to O. M. Irwin School and Shaunavon Public School who stepped up and allowed us to host in their facility. It was much appreciated!

The four host sites for the sectional/subsectional playoffs were: Cypress Hills section started in Hazlet but was moved to Irwin (commissioner Chelsey Williams), Rolling Hills A subsection was in Herbert (commissioner Brittany Haidt), Rolling Hills B subsection was in Ponteix (commissioner Rob Englot) and Whitemud started in Eastend but moved to Shaunavon Public (commissioner Julie Kerr). Thanks to all the commissioners, athletes and parents for their patience and hard work to make these playoffs happen.

The following teams will be advancing to SWAC District finals at Shaunavon on Saturday, May 5. Matches will be played at Shaunavon high school as well as Shaunavon Public starting at 10 a.m.

CYPRESS HILLS SECTION (top 4 advancers)

Girls Singles

Janae Mass (Fox Valley); Olivia Hudec, (Fox Valley); Joren Gramlich (Burstall); Logan Mastel (Leader).

Boys Singles

Jaxon Leach (Leader); Micky Bradford (Cabri); Gauje Conkin (Burstall); Dawson Banks (Leader).

Girls Doubles

Haylie Watts/Rebecca Marshall (Leader); Kelsey Klippert/Haley Tumbach (Leader); Cadence Anderson/Michaela Pelletier (Hazlet); Gracie Pidlisny/Kaitlin Wu (Burstall).

Boys Doubles

Dominic Ehnisz/Om Patel (Burstall); Reed Duncan/Mayson Moffat (Cabri); Cade Hartman/Ryder Wellbrock (Cabri); Craig Pleau-Stewart/Cebastian Conkin (Burstall).

Mixed Doubles

Jade Stimson/Ty Strutt from Leader

Volodja Gizen/Eastyn Jakubowski from Leader

Tristyn Grodaes/Riley Desautels from Cabri

Krupal Patel/Matthew Anton from Fox Valley


Girls Singles

Abby Sauder (SC Comp.); Lexi Boss (SC Comp.).

Boys Singles

Noah Wills (SC Comp.); Zach Sumner (Gull Lake).

Girls Doubles

Irish Completo/Kyra Regier (SC Comp.); Erica Bakus/Hailey Block (Herbert).

Boys Doubles

Beau Cornelson/Caedyn Moffit (SC Comp.); Ian Mittelholtz/Brody Slade (Gull Lake).

Mixed Doubles

Faith Gryde/Ivan Magtoto (SC Comp.); Olivia Kirwan/Luke Hodgins (Gull Lake).


Girls Singles

Hillary Lacelle (Wymark); Judith Gieck (Vanguard).

Boys Singles

Jasper Gian (Ponteix); Kai Haubrich (Irwin).

Girls Doubles

Daniella Palaganas/Sierra Ross (Ponteix); Mackenzie McIntyre/Grace Thierman (Irwin).

Boys Doubles

Manny Grimm/ Rhett Petersen (Hodgeville); Connor Frohlich/Brady Wilson (Irwin).

Mixed Doubles

Rhys O’Neill/Xyrale Fieji (Ponteix); Rhett Franklin/Ana Sachary (Ponteix).

WHITEMUD SECTION (Top 4 advancers)

Girls Singles

Gabrielle Schmidt (Val Marie); Krislyn Escueta (Frontier); Sophie McCuaig (Eastend); Kiana Ham (Frontier).

Boys Singles

Chase Jarmon (Frontier); Blake Dumontel (Frontier); Gabe Grant (Eastend); Xymon Reyes (Shaunavon).

Girls Doubles

Bryden Tremere/Hanna Piquette (Shaunavon); Kinae Wallis/Neveah Folbar (Shaunavon); Mya Dixon/Kelly Ahn (Eastend); Larissa Caldeira/Bryce Sabados (Frontier).

Boys Doubles

Solomon Petinrin/Codee Smith (Shaunavon)

Lachlan Humphrey/Jaydon Scott, (Eastend) Rylan Galey/Trey Hammond (Shaunavon); Ryder Jensen/William Wold (Frontier).

Mixed Doubles

Braden Brost/Paige Tully (Consul); Rylan Miller/Myra Halderman (Frontier); Harley Kinrade/Hailey Yaremko (Frontier); Reese Pearson/Madison Gleim (Eastend).