Young performers shine in the spotlight

The Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Gulliver’s Travels was performed by a group of local youngsters on October 28.

Family and friends were all smiles on Saturday as a group of young actors and actresses took to the stage for the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Gulliver’s Travels.

The young performers revelled in the opportunity to take to the stage as Yahoos, robots from Laputa, aliens from Lilliput and Blefuscu along with other fanciful characters during the hour long production.

There were 43 performers on the Living Sky Casino’s Event Centre stage, along with a trio of backstage directors and assistant directors who all poured a week of work into making the performance a reality. The entire production was pulled off with six days of effort, beginning with an audition process on October 23, and five straight days of rehearsals before Saturday’s final performance.

The show on October 28 marked the ninth year Koncerts for Kids has teamed up with Missoula Children’s Theatre for this performance opportunity.

The cast was put through a week of rehearsals where they were required to learn stage movement, dialogue and choreography.