Greatness Awaits SCCHS grad class of 2017

Senior Stick Reagan Martin and Senior Pin Malisa Collier gave the Grade 12 address during the 2017 SCCHS grad ceremony on June 28.

The Swift Current Comprehensive High School graduating class of 2017 bid farewell to High School during graduation ceremonies on June 28.

The graduating student began their day with their cap and gown ceremony at 9:30 a.m., and following the formal part of their special day they participated in the grand march and an all night Dry Grad.
The theme chosen by the graduating class was Greatness Awaits, an inspirational look to the future while celebrating their High School accomplishments.
Betty McDougall provided an inspiring message as guest speaker at the 2017 SCCHS graduation. Currently the Executive Director of Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter, she was the recipient of the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal in 2013 plus the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.
McDougall explained that greatness has a different definition for each student, and she hoped that each student is able to determine what that means to them personally.
She said that the road ahead provides each individual with a chance to move beyond their comfort zones while pursuing their career paths.
“I came to learn what my strengths were, and to believe in myself, and trust my sense of what is right for me,” she said. “But I’ve also learned of myself is that when I’m involved in something for which I truly have a passion, I kind of forget about my insecurities.”
She said the recognition she has received over her career is reflective of her personal philosophy to make a difference in her community.
“Those accomplishments are rooted in my belief that all of us have a responsibility to give back to the community in which we live, whatever way we are able. To me, that’s what greatness means.”
She provided the students with a series of suggestions to consider when they travel through the next phase of life’s journey.
“Don’t let insecurity hold you back. Push yourself to expand what you think are your limitations. You’ll surprise yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. Find your passion and be it. Identify your skills and talents, and pair it with your interests and your passion.”
She told students to choose their career path by what they enjoy, not by what will make the most money.
“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You are your own harshest judge.”
“And most of all, learn from others and their experiences, but trust yourself making decisions and stay true to who you are.”
Senior Pin Malisa Collier and Senior Stick Reagan Martin delivered the Grade 12 address at SCCHS graduation ceremonies. Their address to the Class of 2017 was the 17 favourite memories about High School. The list included the school’s amazing clubs, the support they received from the teachers, getting their licence, the success of the athletic teams, along with the school pride shown in raising just under $14,000 during the 2017 Pink Game.
“We are extremely grateful for all the support you have given us over the years,” Martin told the crowd.
“To the grads, good luck with whatever you choose to do after today. We are extremely confident that for each and every one of you greatness awaits,” Martin added.
The Governor General’s Medal was presented to Britney Rempel, who achieved the SCCHS highest academic average of 97.4 per cent during her Grade 11 and 12 years. In a remarkable graduating year, she achieved a 100 per cent in Physics 30 and Calculus 30, plus a 99 per cent in Biology 30. In her Grade 11 year she achieved a 100 per cent in Pre-Calculus 20
In addition to being a top academic student, she also participated in the band program, was on the Student Leadership Council, and was a member of the Outdoor Education Program.
Rempel will be attending Millar College of the Bible this fall, and is considering becoming a high school teacher or pursuing a career in the sciences.