SWAC athletes advance to badminton Regionals

Swift Current’s Hasit Desai and Harit Desai and Leader’s David Cocks and Karter Ries advanced to represent SWAC in Boys Doubles at Regionals in Regina on May 6. SUBMITTED PHOTO


Thanks to Maple Creek High School and Sydney Street School for being the host site for our senior SWAC badminton playoffs (commissioners Curtise Clement/Shawn Buss).  Special thanks to Trish Carleton for running the score table at Sydney Street for the day.

The top two teams in each category will advance to the SHSAA regional finals in Regina on May 6. Congratulations to our SWAC Champions.

Boys Singles: 1st – Kesler Heller (Fox Valley), 2nd – Hunter Stock (Hazlet).

Girls Singles: 1st – Tealyn Whitefish (Maple Creek), 2nd – Sharmaine Palaganas (Ponteix).

Boys Doubles: 1st – Hasit Desai/Harit Desai (SCCHS), 2nd – David Cocks/Karter Ries (Leader).

Girls Doubles: 1st – Khali Delorme/Kahlen Delorme (Maple Creek), 2nd – Clarisse Mae Suba/Verity Pahtayken (Maple Creek).

Mixed Doubles: 1st – Lexi Schneider/Dominic Ehnisz (Fox Valley), 2nd – Savannah Frey/Aydan Buss (Maple Creek).


SWAC had four sectional/subsectional junior badminton tournaments taking place across the Chinook School Division on Saturday. Host sites were Leader (commissioner Lana Marshall), Shaunavon (Commissioners Brooke Cabot/Jaret Olesen), Ponteix (commissioner Candice Fischer – Hodgeville), and Ecole Centennial (commissioners Chris Siemens/Steve Dyck).

The top two from Rolling Hills A and Rolling Hills B advance to districts.  The top four qualifiers from Whitemud and Cypress Hills advance to districts.

The SWAC district championship will be held in Fox Valley (singles) and Leader (doubles) on May 6.

Top 4 qualifiers from Whitemud:

Boys Singles: Brayden Leismeister (Consul), Tripp McLeod (Frontier), Rylan Kinrade-Malbeuf (Fronter), Ethan Mything (Val Marie).

Girls Singles: Kassie Gryde (Frontier), Jennifer Middleton (Frontier), Serenity Knight (Shaunavon), Shiloh Derdall (Consul).

Boys Doubles: Juris Busse/Colby Armstrong (Eastend), Geoff Martinez/Marshal Bablak (Frontier), Stephen Jogno/Finn Stoll (Shaunavon), John Lavina/Alexei Miller (Frontier).

Girls Doubles: Mackayla Delorme/Aeverie Hofer (Consul), Siera Mackie/Isabella Delorme (Consul), Brooklyn Palmer/Kali Nelson (Frontier), Katie Sanford/Maren Mything (Frontier).

Mixed Doubles: Jason Wills/Sydney Koolen (Eastend), Clay Duke/Jewels Armstrong (Eastend), Rhett Sanford/Keely Palmer (Frontier), Evan Shirley/Arwyn Mything (Frontier).

Top 4 qualifiers from Cypress Hills:

Boys Singles: Nova Graham (Maple Creek), Jaxson Biermann (Leader), Robert Cunningham (Leader), Keaton Hardie (Maple Creek).

Girls Singles: Nevaya Hellman (Fox Valley), Bridget Hudec (Fox Valley), Laney Lavallee (Leader), Grace Wickenheiser (Leader).

Boys Doubles: Grady Dale/Kylin Charnetski (Leader), Lucas MacPhail/Ashton Peebles (Fox Valley), Birk Peterson / Kramer Anderson (Leader), Kaelor Obritsch / Nixon Dirk (Fox Valley).

Girls Doubles: Emma Joroin/Kyra Strutt (Leader), Rachel Cocks/Cyler Eresman (Leader), Rylie Huck/Hailey Bauer (Maple Creek) Cindi Li/Cheyanne Vossler (Maple Creek).

Mixed Doubles: Christopher Girardin/Elizabeth Colburn (Leader), Airianna Berg/Nolan Kirk (Hazlet), Amaya Hayter/Jayce Bonneville (Maple Creek), Ashton Macphail/Gabrielle Bosch (Fox Valley).

Top 2 qualifiers from Rolling Hills A:

Boys Singles: Carter Moen (Centennial), Jaxson Squires (Centennial).

Girls Singles: Bailey Fox (SCCHS), Serena Kochan (Centennial).

Boys Doubles: Tate Unger/Tristen Perrin (SCCHS), Isaac Siemens/Jordy Beaudoin (Centennial).

Girls Doubles: Charli Chubaty/Hannah Riego (SCCHS), Vanessa Cervantes/Lauren Hansen (SCCHS).

Mixed Doubles: Matty Schmiess/Eden Larson (Centennial), Ryder Struck/Mila Doerkson (Herbert).

Top 2 qualifiers from Rolling Hills B:

Boys Singles: Ryle Mangune (Ponteix), Nicolas Froese (Wymark).

Girls Singles: Emma Bochek (Hodgeville), Rory Jorgensen (Vanguard).

Boys Doubles: Darcy Wiebe/Maverick Friesen (Wymark), Ricky Wiebe Collin Scully (Ponteix).

Girls Doubles: Amanda Lagasse/Hayley Lindsay (Wymark), Elliot Feji/Raquel Stewart (Ponteix).

Mixed Doubles: Justin Fehr/Mia Perrault (Ponteix), Ash Davidson/Paige Ulm (Ponteix).


Track and field practices are well underway (despite the less than ideal weather).  Schools are beginning their outdoor seasons by taking part in numerous invitational track and field meets across southern Saskatchewan.

SWAC Blue (Rolling Hills) section track meet is Tuesday, May 16 in Swift Current.

SWAC White (Whitemud/Cypress Hills) section track meet is Wednesday, May 17 in Swift Current.

SWAC district meet is Wednesday, May 24 in Swift Current.

SHSAA Provincials are in Saskatoon on June 2-3.

The Chinook School Division Sports Report is submitted by Val Gordon