McLeods and Link win Finals events in Saskatoon

Tuftin McLeod, Tyce McLeod, and Blake Link led the Southwest with event wins at the Canadian Cowboys Association Finals in Saskatoon.

Team Roping

Waldeck’s Tuftin and Tyce McLeod had a strong finish to take top spot at the Finals with 110 points for $4,400.

They placed fourth in round one in 10.1 seconds for 10 points. The McLeods won round three in 4.4 seconds to move within 10 points of top spot. They were second in round four in 10.0 seconds to clinch the win.

Swift Current’s Chad Feil and Waldeck’s Scott McLeod placed second with 100 points.

They were third on day one in 7.0 seconds. Feil and McLeod were third again on day two in 6.5 seconds. Feil and McLeod were third in round four as well in 10.8 seconds.

Consul’s Rylan Brost and Hazenmore’s Ben Switzer tied for fifth in Team Roping with 50 points.

Brost and Switzer placed second in round one in 6.6 seconds. They were fourth in round three in 6.2 seconds.


Maple Creek’s Blake Link collected 190 points to win Bareback at the Finals. 

Link won the opening round with 80 points for $1,000. He was second on Friday with 74 points to added 30 points to his total. Link took the lead after round three with an 82-point ride to place first. He closed out the title with 79.5 points to place first in the final round for a $4,400 payday.

Maple Creek’s Brady Bertram was close behind in second spot.

Bertram was second on opening night with a 78-point ride. He won the second round with a 76-point ride for 40 points. Bertram added a second-place ride of 75 points in round three. He closed out the Finals with a 75-point ride in second spot.

Ladies Barrel Racing

Eastend’s Haley Glasrud placed second overall at the Finals with 130 points, only 30 points behind Shayna McCannell.

Glasrud was second in the opening performance in 13.79 seconds for 30 points. She won the second round in 13.74 seconds for another 40 points. She closed out the Finals with 30 points in second spot in round four in 13.70 seconds for $2,600 overall.

Mankota’s Karli Cowie placed sixth overall at the Finals. Cowie was third on day one in 13.88 seconds for 20 points.

Maple Creek’s Kerry Maynes was seventh with 10 points at the Finals. She was fourth in round two in 13.94 seconds.

Junior Girls Barrel Racing

Mankota’s Kiera Williamson placed second at the Finals with 90 points.

Williamson finished third on opening night in 14.06 seconds to earn $100 and 20 points.

Williamson improved to second on day two in 13.95 seconds to add another 30 points, tied for second. She was third in the final round in 13.71 seconds.

Maple Creek’s Kate Beierbach finished third with 60 points. Beierbach was second in round three in 13.66 seconds. She was second again in round four in 13.59 seconds.

Tie Down Roping

Waldeck’s Tuftin McLeod placed third in Tie Down Roping at the Finals.

McLeod won the opening round in 8.9 seconds for 40 points and $800. He was fourth in round two in 10.1 seconds for 10 points to sit second heading into the weekend.

He was third in 9.3 seconds in round three.

Bull Riding

Hazenmore’s Chanse Switzer finished fifth at the Finals in Bull Riding with one qualified ride. Switzer tied for top spot in round one with an 85-point ride to collect 35 points and $70.

Kincaid’s Jud Colliness finished seventh at the Finals. He tied for third in round three with an 84-point ride.

Steer Wrestling

Maple Creek’s William Beierbach placed fourth in Steer Wrestling with 45 points for $900. He was fourth in round two in 5.2 seconds. Beierbach tied for fourth in round three in 5.3 seconds. He closed out the week with a third-place time of 4.5 seconds in round four on Sunday.

Junior Steer Riding

Maple Creek’s Kahl Wasilow placed fourth with 50 points for $300. Wasilow was second on day one with 73.5 points to earn $200. He was third in round three with a 75.5-point ride.

Saddle Bronc

Maple Creek’s Adam Gilchrist had one qualified ride to place sixth in Saddle Bronc. He placed second in the final round on Sunday with 75 points.

Ladies Breakaway Roping

Swift Current’s Madison Kovar placed seventh at the Finals in Ladies Breakaway Roping. She placed second in round two in 2.4 seconds for 30 points and $600.