Parsonage and McLeod win Canadian Finals Rodeo

Tyce McLeod and Clay Ullery won Team Roping at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Red Deer SUBMITTED PHOTO

Two Southwest cowboys were able to win event titles at the 47th edition of the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Red Deer.

Maple Creek’s Jared Parsonage won the Bull Riding event at the Finals after he rattled off eight-second rides on his final five bulls of the season.

Parsonage was bucked off Cash during the opening round on Wednesday when 11 of 12 cowboys were unable to reach the eight-second threshold. He rebounded on Thursday with an 85.25-point ride on Diamon Back to place second.

Parsonage was fifth in round three when he rode Sam Crow for 84.25 points. He added a second-place ride on Saturday with 79 points on Crank It Up.

Parsonage had a fourth straight eight-second ride on Saturday night when he placed third with 86 points on Pinochio to lead the aggregate standings. He closed out the championship with an 87.75-point ride on Ols Tubs Homegrown to place fourth on Sunday.

Parsonage earned $21,600 during the CFR rounds and $14,040 in aggregate earnings. He led all bull riders with $44,599 in season earnings.

All three of the McLeod brothers from Waldeck were involved in the Team Roping event at the Finals.

Tyce McLeod and Clay Ullery (Valleview, AB) combined to win Team Roping at the Finals as they successfully roped five of six steers, placing in the top four five times.

Tyce McLeod and Ullery placed second in round one in 5.0 seconds for $6,960. They failed to registered a time on day two. Ullery and Tyce McLeod remained in the race in round three when they placed second in 5.0 seconds. They followed up in second in round four in 4.4 seconds. Ullery and Tyce McLeod placed third in round five in 4.6 seconds. They closed out the title in 6.6 seconds on Sunday to place fourth.

McLeod and Ullery took home $27,600 in CFR round earnings and added $14,040 in aggregate earnings apiece.

Tee McLeod worked with Brady Chappel (Moose Jaw) to place third at the Finals.

Tee McLeod and Chappel got out to an excellent start when they won round 1 in 4.3 seconds for $9,360. They followed up with another win on Thursday in 4.1 seconds.

Tee McLeod and Chappel were fifth in round three in 9.5 seconds. They added a sixth-place finish in 9.2 seconds on Saturday afternoon. Tee McLeod and Chappel were fourth in round five in 4.8 seconds. They failed to register a time on Sunday to place third overall with $21,840 in the CFR round earnings and $6,840 in aggregate earnings.

Tuftin McLeod partnered with Kody Potts (Peers, AB) to place seventh in Team Roping.

Tuftin McLeod and Potts placed sixth on opening night in 7.4 seconds. They improved to fifth on day two in 6.0 seconds. Tuftin McLeod and Potts were eighth in round three in 15.1 seconds. They moved back up to fifth in round four in 6.2 seconds. Tuftin McLeod and Potts were unable to register a time in round five and round six to finish the Finals with $1,1920 each.

Tompkins’ Dantan Bertsch entered the Finals as the season leader in Bareback and placed fourth at the Finals. Bertsch had an 81.5-point ride on Moonlight Crush on Wednesday to place seventh. He was sixth on day two with 78.50 points on Critical Smile.

Bertsch got back into the hunt in round three when he won the round after a 88.75-point ride on Black Feathers. Saturday afternoon, he tied for fifth with 82.75 points Dirty Looks. Bertsch was seventh in round five with 72.25 points on Z-19 Legacy to sit fourth heading into the final round. He tied for sixth on championship Sunday with an 83.75-point ride on Sesame Street. He finished with $9,940 in round earnings and $3,240 in the aggregate earnings.

Maple Creek’s Wyatt Maines represented the Southwest in Bareback at the Finals as well.

Maines tied for 10th in round one with 74.25 points on Dirty Looks before being bucked off in rounds two and three. Saturday, he bounced back with an 81.25-point ride to place eighth in round 4. He was bucked off of Zig Zag Cherry in the evening performance. Maines placed eighth on Sunday with an 82.75-point ride on Arbitrator Joe.

Val Marie’s Wyatt Hayes finished fifth in Tie Down Roping at the Finals. He was 12th on day one in 8.8 seconds before a no time in round two. Hayes was fourth in the third round in 9.0 seconds and then placed seventh in 9.7 seconds. He added a sixth-place finish in round five in 9.1 seconds. Hayes was tied for fifth in 9.8 seconds on championship Sunday.

Hayes finished with $8,400 in CFR round earnings and $1,440 in aggregate earnings at the Finals.