Morin taking third run at City Council

Ricardo Morin

Ricardo Morin is taking a third run at a seat on Swift Current City Council.
In a media release about his campaign, Morin said he is taking a stand to end the insanity of unsustainable tax and utility increases.

“I would vote for a freeze on property taxes and utility rates in 2021,” Morin stated in his media release. “Going forward I would favour a sustainable tax reduction strategy.”

“Current taxes are unsustainable, especially with the hardships of COVID 19, and with utility bills skyrocketing the citizens cannot afford to pay any more at this time. They are being bled dry.”

Morin would also like to see all new projects be environmentally friendly and raised concerns over fluoride in Swift Current’s water supply.

“Poisonous fluoride should not be added to our drinking water. The fact is it is an unnecessary poison.”

He argues the city should be taking a more open and transparent approach to how they govern the community.

“Transparency is very vague with this administration. I believe transparency should be delivered without hesitation and be in facts and figures, not in flighting words. Committees and meetings should be open to the public, excluding confidential subjects. The public needs to be more involved in decisions as to how and why their money should be spent.”

In the area of responsible spending, Morin wants to ensure necessary spending is based on needs not wants.

“Eliminating the practice of using public funds for loans to private businesses and entities, banks are for bankrolling, not tax dollars. Private business should not be given tax exemptions. I support fair treatment for all businesses.”

“We need to reassess our non producing assets, ventures and holdings. Restructuring can find thousands of dollars that can be used to lower taxes and debt.”

Morin also pledged to donate his base councillors salary for his entire four year term if elected.

“I encourage all candidates to do the same. The job of public servant would be an honour and a privilege, not or renumeration or a popularity contest.”

Morin placed last among 13 council candidates in 2009 and was 17th among 18 candidates during the 2016 municipal election campaign.