Re-Open Phase 4.2 allows for libraries, museums, galleries and theatres to re-open starting June 29

A number of openings are being announced today as part of Re-Open Saskatchewan Phase 4.2.

Effective on Monday, June 29, the province will allow the re-opening of libraries, museums, galleries, movie theatres and live theatres.

Other re-opening dates in this phase will be announced over the coming weeks, allowing for activity to resume at indoor rinks, indoor sports and activities, plus casinos and bingo halls.

The province has also announced that starting on Friday, parks and campgrounds can be opened at 100 per cent capacity for overnight stays and limited-term campsites.

A series of additional updates have been unveiled, with outdoor sports and activities enjoying a loosening of restrictions. According to the province, if physical distancing can be maintained, sports and activities are now able to resume, including playing games.

For sports where distancing can’t be maintained, including in full contact sports, the province has cleared the way for mini-leagues to be formed to allow teams to resume playing games.

The most up-to-date version of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan can be found at