SWAC athletes advance in badminton playoffs

Swift Current was the site of the SWAC District Championship on Saturday. STEVEN MAH/SOUTHWEST BOOSTER

Badminton was the focus of our SWAC athletic programs this weekend. We ran four junior sectional tournaments and the senior district championship on Saturday in gyms across the southwest.

The top two teams from our senior playoff advance to the SHSAA Regional tournament on May 4 in Regina.That is the qualifying tournament for Provincials. We hope our teams do well so they can compete on ‘home turf’, as Swift Current is the host site for the provincial championship on May 11.

Top three results from the SWAC Senior Championship:

Girls Singles: 1st Hillary Lacelle (SCCHS), 2nd Kaitlynn Bradford (Cabri), 3rd Judith Geick (Vanguard).

Boys Singles: 1st Frank Chou (Fox Valley), 2nd Garrett Mitchell (Frontier), 3rd Kai Haubrich (SCCHS).

Boys Doubles: 1st Jayesh Budhrani/Grady Rogers (SCCHS), 2nd Kim Mendoza/Tyson Goffinet (Ponteix), 3rd Sam Ganert /Joseph Bosch (Fox Valley).

Girls Doubles: 1st Kerstyn Wenzel/Megan Tumbach (Leader), 2nd Justine Bennett/Lara New (SCCHS), 3rd Logan Mastel/Sarah Arendt (Leader).

Mixed Doubles: 1st Connor Drever/Morgan Bock (Maple Creek), 2nd Jade Stimson/Ty Strutt (Leader), 3rd Tia Gorrill/Jaedon Perkins (Ponteix).

The top 4 Junior badminton teams from Cypress Hills and Whitemud, plus the top two teams from Rolling Hills A and Rolling Hills B will battle at the SWAC Junior District tournament on Saturday, May 4 in Swift Current. We have some of the top four teams unable to compete on May 4, so the roster was filled with the next highest players in the event.

Junior Teams advancing out of Whitemud:

Girls Singles: 1st Jayden Voll (Shaunavon), 2nd Kiana Ham (Frontier), plus Briley Ham (Frontier), Darci Egland (Eastend).

Boys Singles: 1st Wyatt Smith (Shaunavon – unable to attend district), 2nd Burke Osinski (Eastend), plus Zach Smith (Shaunavon), Cowen Souey (Frontier), TJ Allen (Shaunavon).

Girls Doubles: 1st Raliegh Newman/Martina Brown (Consul-unable to attend districts), 2nd Molly Richardson/Mya Girard (Eastend-unable to attend districts), plus Ava Nelson/Pagie Kutscall (Shaunavon), Madison Goldstein/Autumn Saunders (Shaunavon), Hunter Johnson /Bryce Sabados (Frontier), Sarah Beirbach/Reese Mackie (Consul).

Boys Doubles: 1st Trey Hammond/Rylan Galey (Shaunavon), 2nd Tygh Armstrong/Jesse Arendt (Eastend), plus Clay Lightfoot/Ryder Jensen (Frontier), Lucas McCuaig/Tash Armstong (Eastend).

Mixed Doubles: 1st Shay Erickson/Brette Tully (Consul), 2nd Leshia VanSandt/Wyatt Mokelki (Eastend), plus Bodie Duke/Makayla Bjornsons (Eastend).

Junior Teams advancing out of Rolling Hills A:

Girls Singles: 1st Taylor Bestrop (Herbert), 2nd Chloe Shumaker (SCCHS).

Boys Singles: 1st Navi Singh (SCCHS), 2nd Carson Schapansky (SCCHS).

Boys Doubles: 1st Ryan McCulloch/Dawson Spate (Herbert), Robert Laing/Jerry Martens (Waldeck).

Girls Doubles: 1st Melodie Turales/Kierstin Handon (SCCHS), Cassidy Funk/Kaylee Voth (Herbert).

Mixed Doubles: 1st Hailey Carlson/Munay Htoo (SCCHS).

Junior Teams advancing out of Rolling Hills B:

Boys Singles: 1st Rhett Franklin (Ponteix), 2nd Reid Carlson (Irwin).

Girls Singles: 1st Reziel Egoc (Ponteix), 2nd Rachel Christensen (Ponteix).

Boys Doubles: 1st Devin Walters/Cody Emms (Pontiex), 2nd Brandon Inder/Parker Latimer (Irwin).

Girls Doubles: 1st Sierra Ross/Daniela Palaganas (Ponteix), 2nd Kayla Deobald/Anida Teichroeb (Hodgeville).

Mixed Doubles: 1st Carter Munro/Reese Evjen (Irwin), 2nd Brandon Siemens/Bo Wilson (Wymark).

Carter Munro/Reese Evjen (Irwin) and Brandon Siemens/Bo Wilson (Wymark) (pictured L-R) were the top two mixed doubles team at the Rolling Hills B tournament on Saturday.

Junior Teams advancing out of Cypress Hills:

Mixed Doubles: 1st Easteyn Jakubowski/Jacob Kobelsy (Leader), 2nd Ryker Brown/Grace Ungrin (Maple Creek), plus Ben Rutherdale/Sam Snippshild-Duffee (Maple Creek), Cheyenne Gill/Mitchell Ehnisz (Burstall).

Girls Singles: 1st: Joren Gramlich (Fox Valley), 2nd Gracey Rauch (Leader), plus Haley Anton (Fox Valley), Becca Marshall (Leader).

Boys Singles: 1st Mickey Bradford (Cabri), 2nd Mayson Moffat (Cabri), plus Ryan Hudec (Fox Valley), Hunter Stock (Hazlet).

Girls Doubles: 1st Kelsey Klippert/Haley Tumbach (Leader), Khali Delorme/Kahlen Delorme (Maple Creek), plus Kindi Opsal/Jillian Broderick (Maple Creek), Candice Anderson/Vanessa Flynn-Barr (Hazlet).

Boys Doubles: 1st Noah Bosch/Gauje Conkin (Fox Valley), 2nd Charlie Pawluk/Riley Desautels (Cabri), plus Adam Hudec/Kessler Hellman (Fox Valley), Reed Duncan/Ryder Wellbrock (Cabri).

The Chinook School Division sports report is submitted by Valerie Gordon.