Super League season underway

The Swift Current Curling Club – Innovation Credit Union Super League opened another season with five games on Thursday.

Amongst the opening week winners was the defending champion Choice Driving School (Quintin) rink.

The Super League will continue on Thursdays until a new champion is crowned on January 10, 2019.

November 8 results:

RBC Dominion Securities (Haichert) defeated Premier Tech (James).

Choice Driving School (Quintin) defeated Game of Stones (Lesiuk).

Ilta Grain/Westax (Kirkpatrick) defeated Kruse Glass & Aluminum (Rayner).

Swift Plumbing & Heating Ltd (Wicks) defeated B&A Petroleum (Seidler).

Andrews Ag Ltd. (Andrews) defeated Cypress Ford/Subway (Rumpel).

November 15 schedule:

Game of Stones (Lesiuk) vs Kruse Glass & Aluminum (Rayner); Choice Driving School (Quintin) vs Ilta Grain/Westax (Kirkpatrick); Premier Tech (James) vs B&A Petroleum (Seidler); Andrews Ag Ltd. (Andrews) vs Swift Plumbing & Heating Ltd (Wicks); Cypress Ford/Subway (Rumpel) vs RBC Dominion Securities (Haichert).

Standings (as of November 8)

1 – Choice Driving School (Quintin) 1-0

2 – Ilta Grain/Westax (Kirkpatrick) 1-0

3 – Andrews Ag Ltd. (Andrews) 1-0

4 – Swift Plumbing & Heating Ltd (Wicks) 1-0

5 – RBC Dominion Securities (Haichert) 1-0

6 – Premier Tech (James) 0-1

7 – B&A Petroleum (Seidler) 0-1

8 – Cypress Ford/Subway (Rumpel) 0-1

9 – Game of Stones 0-1

10 – Kruse Glass & Aluminum (Rayner) 0-1