Redneck Betties edge Mavericks in home debut

The Redneck Betties Southwest Booster file photo by Steven Mah

The host Redneck Betties roller derby team moved to 2-0 on the season with a 236-209 win over the Midwest Mavericks Saturday in a game that was in doubt most of the way. The Ra Ra Riots opened the day with a junior bout against the Pilot Lights and won 276-247.

“It’s an awesome start,” said coach Vic Vega. “This was a real challenge in both games. Most of the game was within 10-15 points for both the junior and seniors, so I think the crowd got a real treat tonight. It was good to see the girls come out and show character because last week was too easy, well not too easy but we were winning and it was never in doubt, whereas this game you never knew. Halftime we were up by 20 points with two minutes left to go and now we are down by 20 points, it can turn that fast. It was nice to see the girls stick to it and play hard.”

The Ra Ra Riots defeated the Pilot Lights 276-247 in their 2017 home debut. Southwest Booster photo by Steven Mah

It was the home debut for the Redneck Betties to open their seventh season. Newcomer Slamazonian was named the Betties’ Best Blocker, while veteran PixElated was the team’s Top Jammer.

“We have been working on some different blocking techniques again,” explained Vic Vega. “This game is changing every year, they are changing the rules, they are changing what you can do. We have been bustin’ out butts to get ahead of the curve. The girls did it tonight and that was the difference. Being able to hold back their jammers, because they were fantastic out there, drawing them into penalties, because we were doing the right things and all they could do was take a penalty. So it really helped us to get our power jams going, our special teams was awesome, so I was happy to see that.”