MP Anderson rips Liberal federal budget

David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills—Grasslands is deeply concerned about the effect Budget 2017 will have on the families and businesses of Cypress Hills—Grasslands.

Unveiled by the Liberal Government today, the Budget promises billions in new spending and taxes. Anderson feels it is just the latest example of the Liberals’ disconnect from the issues that are relevant to average Canadians.
“During the election campaign the Liberals promised that they would not run massive deficits,” said Anderson. “They broke that promise last year and have now chosen to double down on spending. They are growing the size of government at record speed and it is making life more difficult for the average Canadian.”
“Justin Trudeau’s so-called economic development has not worked,” continued Anderson. “This budget has little to do with regular Canadians except that they will be stuck with the bill.”
Anderson made note of several features of the Budget that will negatively affect Cypress Hills—Grasslands, including:
– Increasing the deficit from $23 billion to $29 billion in 2017-2018, with no plan to balance the budget until 2055. Liberal debt will accumulate to more than $1.5 trillion by 2045;
– No assistance for Canadians to prepare for Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, which at the start will cost agriculture producers $10-15 per acre and will increase. This will cost a 3,000-acre farm $30-50,000 per year;
While the Liberals talk about innovation, much of that money is simply recycled Conservative commitments and policy.
As Official Opposition Critic for Agriculture, Anderson is particularly concerned with a lack of support for the industry.
“The Liberals claim to identify Agri-Food as one of their priorities, but the money they’re putting into the Agri-Food “supercluster” is money that is recycled from Budget 2016,” said Anderson.
The Budget also revokes the tax credit insurance companies received for supplying insurance to farmers and fishermen, increasing the cost of insurance to farmers and decreasing interest in private insurance plans.
Perhaps the most detrimental to agriculture producers is a plan to eliminate the tax deferral for farm income.
Anderson’s portfolio on Human Rights and Religious Freedom was also neglected.
“There is no commitment to human rights and protecting the most vulnerable around the world,” he said.
“It all amounts to another monumental disappointment for Cypress Hills—Grasslands and Western Canada. The hole this Government is digging will only get bigger as they continue to force higher taxes and massive spending, as well as a carbon tax on Canadians.”