McClelland family donates $100G to Southwest Facility Foundation


In a display of generosity from the McClelland family, a donation of $100,000  in memory of late Swift Current Fire Chief, Darren McClelland, has pushed the Southwest Facility Foundation’s total campaign over $1 million raised in just one year. 

“The community of Swift Current showed us such unbelievable support when we were told by doctors that there was nothing that could be done to cure Darren’s cancer. This community raised a substantial amount of money allowing us to seek alternative treatment to explore all available options so we could know we tried everything imaginable to save his life. Although there were glimmers of hope, Darren ultimately lost his battle with cancer but not for lack of trying and we felt the love and support of everyone in this community. 

My daughters and I always knew we wanted to somehow show our appreciation to Swift Current for helping to give us hope but just didn’t know how… upon learning of the Southwest Facility Foundation and their desire to help build these much-needed facilities, we knew this was our chance to offer our help. 

My biggest fear after losing Darren was that we would forget him, we hope that when these facilities are finally built, people will see his name on the donor board and it will bring up great memories of him, and bring a smile to their face!” shares Nicole McClelland.

“Our group was very moved when we were approached by Nikkii, Ashley, and Hayley to make this large contribution to our Foundation. Darren has given a lot to this community through his many years with the Swift Current Ambulance and Fire Department. After all that this family has been through, losing Darren to his battle with cancer, it’s heartwarming that they continue to give in Darren’s memory to best serve our city!

We are so appreciative of their amazing generosity and hope that this announcement will remind our community of the wonderful man that Darren was and his family continues to be with this donation!” said Travis Cuthbert, SWFF Board Member.

The Southwest Facility Foundation is a non-profit organization with a volunteer partner board committed to supporting the construction of new sport, leisure & recreation facilities in Swift Current by donating funds from their campaign to the City once a project is shovel-ready.

The Foundation continues to work closely with the City of Swift Current and show support as a community, to help secure government grants. The City in turn continues to lobby all levels of government and apply for available building grants.