Chinook Board of Education announces Agriculture Contest winners 


The Board of Education is excited to announce the winners of the Agriculture Contest at the Board Meeting May 13. 

As part of the Chinook Board’s goal to focus on celebrating agriculture and the important role it plays in people’s lives, the Agriculture Contest was launched on March 4 and ran until May 3.

Through this contest, the Board aimed to raise awareness about the profound impact of agriculture and inspire Chinook students to be the driving force behind its future. There were a total of 56 entries in the contest from 22 schools: 36 videos were submitted in seven of the individual categories and 20 entries were received in the classroom categories, which included 8 poster and booklet projects from Hutterian colony schools and 12 videos from classes in Chinook’s public schools.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Individual Category 1

Grade K-2: Charlie Martens, Wymark

Individual Category 2

Grade K-2: Gage Wolanski, Wymark

Grade 3-5: Ellie Binner, Stewart Valley

Grade 6: Jhett Tuplin, Success

Grade 7-9: Elise Chalmers, Central

Individual Category 3

Grade 3-5: June Martens, Wymark

Grade 6-9: Neko Proudlove, Val Marie

Classroom Category

Hutterite Colony Schools: Haven Colony School

Grade K-3: Ms. Anne Beauchamp’s Class,

Val Marie School

Grade 4-7: Ms. Kennedy Glascock’s Class,

Maple Creek Composite School

The Board would like to thank all of the classes and individual students who created the amazing, entertaining and educational videos and projects. A special thank you to the teachers and staff, parents, siblings, family members and friends who supported the projects and starred in the videos.

Thank you to the Judge Sponsor, Agriculture in the Classroom–Saskatchewan, and the 20 community member and sponsor volunteers on the selection committee who donated their time and expertise to judge the videos and projects. The Board is very grateful to the Gold and Green Sponsors for their generous donations towards the agricultural events and projects for the winning classrooms and the Chromebooks for the individual winners.