SWAC athletes advance to badminton provincials


It was a ‘smashing’ great time at our senior district and junior sectional badminton tournaments this past Saturday.


The senior district badminton championship took place at SCCHS. Thanks to our commissioner Haleigh Rempel and draw master Trish Carleton. There were approximately 60 teams vying for one of the two qualifying spots in the SHSAA Provincial playoffs.

Congratulations to the following athletes advancing to SHSAA regionals in Rosetown on May 4 are:

Boys singles: 1st – Pierce Schmidt (VM), 2nd – Hunter Stock (Haz).

Girls singles: 1st – Sharmaine Palaganas (Ponteix), 2nd – Tealyn Whitefish (MC).

Boys Doubles: 1st – David Cocks/Karter Ries (Leader), 2nd – Austin Evans/Tate Unger (SC).

Girls Doubles: 1st – Natalie Cocks/Addison Banks (Leader), 2nd – Chase Collier/Brynne Leppa (GL).

Mixed Doubles: 1st – Savannah Frey/Aydan Buss (MC), 2nd – Saryn Allan/Jacob Parkinson (SC).


Our junior badminton teams were also competing this weekend at three sectional tournaments: Herbert (commissioner Frank Meyers), Ponteix (commissioner Lori Kendall) and Maple Creek (commissioner Tyson Krause). The top four from each section advanced to SWAC junior district at SCCHS on May 4.

Top 4 results from the Ponteix junior site

Boys singles: 1st – Kyron Watson (Hodgeville ), 2nd – Ethan Mything (Val Marie), 3rd -Ryder Jorgensen (Vanguard), 4th – Bates Allen (Hodgeville).

Mixed doubles: 1st – Elliot Feji/Collin Sculley (Ponteix), 2nd – Eve Anderson/Abe Penner (Vanguard), 3rd – Tyanna Morin/Rory Scully (Ponteix),  4th – Theresa Harder/Willie Penner (Vanguard).

Boys doubles : 1st – John Lavigna/Jeff Martin (Frontier), 2nd – Jerrad Ziegler/Reece Lacey (Eastend), 3rd – Evan Shirley/Euan Caran (Frontier), 4th – Caius Priebe/Migial Botha (Hodgeville).

Girls doubles : 1st – Claire Topham/Jewels Armstrong (Eastend), 2nd – Jaelyn Wills/Kadence Koolen (Eastend), 3rd – Raquel Roberge/Lacie Kouri (Ecole Boreale), 4th – Braelyn Watson/Shay Hanson (Hodgeville).

Girls singles: 1st – Kassie Gryde (Frontier), 2nd – Paige Ulm (Ponteix), 3rd – Ava Marleau (Ponteix), 4th – Scarlett Pole (Eastend).

Top 4 results from the Herbert junior site:

Boys singles: 1st – Hudson Rijvers (Centennial), 2nd – Jacob Derksen (Centennial), 3rd -Maverick Friesen (Wymark), 4th – Kade Schulz (Herbert).

Girls singles: 1st – Serena Kochan (SCCHS), 2nd – Halstyn Harder (Herbert), 3rd – Harper Driedger (Wymark), 4th – Aubrey Woelk (Waldeck).

Boys doubles: 1st – Mason Johnson/Landin Benjamin (Gull Lake), 2nd – Cash/Benallack/Isaac Ferguson (Centennial), 3rd – Jesse Olson/Kash Rader (Waldeck), 4th – Tomass Vilde Jarrett/Owen Regier (Centennial).

Girls doubles: 1st – Scotlyn Rogers/Lola Ruehs (SCCHS), 2nd – Ava Collier/Suri Harvey (Gull Lake), 3rd – Kayleigh Pilat/Makayla Gonzales (SCCHS), 4th – Noah Funk/Brielle Harlos (Waldeck).

Mixed Doubles: 1st – Tayvin Carlson/Emberlyn Fritz-Irwin (Centennial), 2nd – Luc Perrault/Lily Nelson (Centennial), 3rd – Aesa Gunstenson/Cutter Olynick (Herbert), 4th -Lane Wall/Kasha Schroeder (Herbert).

Top 4 results from the Maple Creek junior site:

Boys singles: 1st – Nova Graham (Maple Creek), 2nd – Brayden Leismeister (Consul), 3rd – Nixon Dirk (Fox Valley), 4th – Kayson Zanidean (Hazlet).

Girls singles: 1st – Camryn Bock (Maple Creek), 2nd – Amara Weiss (Fox Valley), 3rd -Lara Bang (Hazlet), 4th – Janisa Klaudt (Fox Valley).

Boys doubles: 1st – Kylin Charnetski/Jaxson Biermann (Leader), 2nd – Colden Dale/Carson Duchscherer (Leader), 3rd – Kramer Anderson/Birk Peterson (Cabri), 4th -Keaton Hardie/Josh Logan (Maple Creek).

Girls doubles: 1st – Mackayla Delorme/Aeverie Hofer (Consul),  2nd – Isabella Delorme/Sierra Mackie (Consul), 3rd – Kacy Wagner/Lacey Hudec (Fox Valley), 4th -Akosha Gallant/Emerson Ward (Cabri).

Mixed Doubles: 1st – Rachel Cocks/Jett Ward (Leader), 2nd – Gabrielle Bosch/Ashton MacPhail (Fox Valley), 3rd – Brielle Emms/Rhys Bos (Hazlet), 4th – Hadley Dahl/Daniel Brown (Consul).


SCCHS hosted a Para Try It Day. Athletes came out and learned about wheelchair racing and seated shot put. What a wonderful opportunity to expand track and field in the South West. Thanks to Mandi Tuplin for spearheading this initiative.

SCCHS will also host a Pole Vault Clinic on Sunday, May 5 at 9:30 a.m. at the SCCHS track. Clinic fee is $20. The clinic is mandatory for any athlete wanting to pole vault this season. Athletes should contact their track and field coach if they are interested in either of these clinics.

Blue section track and field meet is the week of May 20 – tentative date: Tuesday, May 21 in Swift Current.

White section track and field meet is the week of May 20 – tentative date: Wednesday, May 22 in Swift Current.

SWAC district meet is the week of May 27 – tentative date: Wednesday, May 29 in Swift Current.

Provincial track and field (gr 9 and up) is June 7 and 8 in Saskatoon.


Chinook School Division has approved ESport as an approved activity for grade 10-12 and we’ve been working on the logistics of competition formats since February. It has been a steep learning curve with a few technology challenges. Teams have a teacher coach and have been practicing and having remote competitions after school or during their lunch period.

There are three schools meeting face to face to have a Chinook tournament on Tuesday, April 30. Eastend and Vanguard will travel to Maverick school and will compete in five different ESport games. There are 20 students taking part in this activity. We are hoping more schools get on board next year.

The Chinook School Division Sports Report is submitted by Val Gordon