SWAC basketball leagues resume play

The SWAC senior basketball league got underway in December.

Senior boys league:
Maple Creek defeated Vanguard (54-41). Top Maple Creek scorer: Alex Cruz (13 pts). Top Vanguard scorer: Jake Klassen (17 pts).
Gull Lake White over Gull Lake Red (44-43). GL White team top scorer: Daylen Elviss (18 pts). GL Red team top scorer: Carter Blanke (19 pts).

Senior girls league:
Swift Current Gr 9/10 over Shaunavon (48-47). Top Shaunavon scorer: Brooke Smith (13 pts). Top Swift Current scorer: (Hailey Bollinger (12 pts)
All basketball leagues picked up again right after the December break.
Due to an exam schedule conflict, a senior girls league game was moved to January 10 (from January 23). Maple Creek Sr. Girls won over Swift Current Jr Ardens (52-30). Maple Creek top Scorers: Sierra Frey (16 pts), Savannah Frey (12 pts). Swift Current top scorers: Yolanda Doerkson (6 pts), Elizabeth Metke (4 pts).
The SWAC Junior Boys basketball league result from January 11 was Gull Lake over Shaunavon (52-34). Shaunavon top scorers: Carson Smith (19 pts), Lucas Bertrand (16 pts). Gull Lake top scorers: Jamie Kirwan (13 pts), Zach Mitchell (6 pts). Frontier hosting Maple Creek will be rescheduled (due to weather).
All senior basketball league games on Tuesday, January 16 are being rescheduled. We do know the date of the senior boys’ make-up games. Gull Lake White vs Maple Creek and Gull Lake Red vs Vanguard will be played on Monday, January 15 (both games in Maple Creek). The senior girls date is TBD.
The junior basketball teams hit the courts on two separate days. Shaunavon junior boys will be in Maple Creek on Wednesday, January 16. On Thursday, January 17, Frontier junior coed will be in Gull Lake.
Moose Jaw Basketball League:
The SCCHS Senior Ardens sit atop the Moose Jaw basketball league standings (4-0). The SCCHS Colts are second (3-1) record.


Doubles Curling
Doubles curling will be an SHSAA provincial event in March 2025. SWAC is holding a ‘learn to double curl’ event on Wednesday, February 7 in Gull Lake for our SWAC schools. This will take place after school and junior/senior teams will get a basic introduction to the competition format and then will play exhibition games.

Junior and Senior Curling playoffs
Junior sectional playoffs are February 9-10. Sections may be aligned or reconfigured to level out the number of teams at each competition. The junior district championship is March 1 and 2.
Senior sectionals will be February 2-3. Sections will be reconfigured as needed. Depending on numbers, teams might advance straight to the District level. Senior districts are February 9-10, SHSAA regionals are March 1-2.
SHSAA provincials will be on March 8-9.

The SWAC Sports Report is submitted by Val Gordon