SCMA award winner Codie Prevost on stage for March 18 Lyric fundraising concert

Behind the scenes images from the making of Codie Prevost's Someday Video in 2014. Photo by Electric Umbrella Images Inc.

Seven-time Saskatchewan Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year Codie Prevost will be headlining a Lyric Theatre fundraising concert on March 18.

The pride of Archerwill SK, Prevost has been a hot commodity on the Saskatchewan music scene since winning the 2006 SCMA Rising Star Award. He has captured a trio of SCMA Album of the Year awards: The Road Ahead (2006), Spin (2009), and Get Loud (2011), and is also a six-time winner of the SCMA’s Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year.
Prevost is current putting the finishing touches on his fifth studio album and unveiling a recording he was fully involved in producing.
“It’s going to be pretty different from my last ones, and the reason being I actually had quite a hand in the production side of things on this album. On my last albums I had never really taken that role on,” Prevost explained during a recent phone interview.
He had a chance to work on and change the arrangements of the tracks and had a chance to fully input his own musical ideas into the songs.
“Out of all the albums, I kind of feel like this album represents me the most as an artist, so I’m looking forward to seeing what people think. I think it’s quite different from my last stuff.”
Prevost said fans attending his March 18 concert will get a chance to hear a preview of some of the material from his upcoming album.
“Actually I’ll be performing some of the songs for the first time in Swift Current,” he said. “It’s exciting for us too because we’ve never played the songs live, so it’s exciting to get that reaction and see what people think.”
Prevost is no stranger to Swift Current audiences, and one of his previous stops in the community was a December 2013 visit with fellow artist Stephen Maguire during the “Imagine No Bullying” tour with the Canadian Red Cross. The duo recorded the single “Let Love Conquer All”, and Prevost is still moved by that experience.
“These days, with the internet coming in, it really seems like it’s taken a next level. It’s more about creating awareness about the problems that are going on in these communities.”
“Now a days it’s 24 hours a day, people can publicize things easier, and it can just really hurt people. And it’s something that has been important to me.”
Prevost feels it is important for musical artists to give back through the power of music.
“The power to bring people together. The power to fundraise for a charity, for different events. I think any time you can partner yourself with charities and fundraisers, personally it’s such a rewarding experience.”
Prevost will be at the Lyric Theatre touring as a trio, performing with a percussionist and another guitar player.
“It’s going to be an intimate show. There’s going to be some acoustic parts. But we’re going to get everybody involved in the show. That’s one thing that I look forward to every show is getting the people just as much involved in the show as the band is. And I think that’s an important aspect of music and the power of it.”
The March 18 fundraising concert for the Lyric Theatre will start at 8:30 p.m., with doors opening at 7:30 p.m. Advance tickets are $25 each and can be purchased from Pharmasave. Additional information about Prevost is available by visiting his website at