Young Ranchman’s livestock show celebrates 10th anniversary

Matthew Liebenberg

A livestock show for youth that started a decade ago in Swift Current has reached an important milestone.

The 2023 Young Ranchman’s All Breeds Livestock Show at Kinetic Park on Sept. 2 and 3 marked the 10th anniversary of the event.

Suzanne Smyth is the secretary and treasurer on the organizing committee for the event, which aims to provide opportunities for youth to develop their skills. She and husband Tyler are the only members of the current organizing committee who have served on the committee since its inception.

“It’s all about the youth,” Suzanne said. “Everything we do is for our youth and agriculture. So it’s very much targeted to young cattle-minded individuals.”

There were 99 youth exhibitors in this year’s show for the female conformation classes. They came mostly from Alberta and Saskatchewan. There were 123 cattle from different breeds and ages entered for the female conformation show and 21 steers entered for the prospect steer show, which is open to entries by both youth and adult showman participants.

“I do feel we have a show that is a high caliber of competition,” she said. “We bring kids from a long distance for that exceptional level of competition. We had over $2,500 in prize money for grand and reserve champion steer show alone. So our champion steer took home over $1,500 and our reserve took home over $1,000.”

There was also a substantial number of buckles and prize money up for grabs in the conformation and showmanship competitions.

“We handed out 24 buckles and over $6,500 in prize money to the exhibitors, and that’s all thanks to our sponsors,” she noted. “Our sponsors are the only reason we can hand out those buckles and that type of prize money.”

The activities on the opening day of the event were a judging clinic, team show judging and the Southwest Prospect Steer Show. The judge for Sept. 2 was Toby Noble from Lloydminster.

“He presented on how to be a ring person, where do you need to be standing, how to be the judge and run your show ring and things like that,” Suzanne said. “We always try to bring an educational portion to our event. This year it was on judging, last year it was on fitting. We try to bring more to the experience than just a competition for the kids.”

The focus during the second day was on competition in the show ring with the conformation show and the showmanship evaluation. The judge for Sept. 2 was Jake Scott from Gordon, Nebraska, who has judged major breed and jackpot shows.

“He was absolutely exceptional,” Suzanne said. “He spoke to every single kid, he explained what he’s looking for in showmanship and broke it down. Everyone that I spoke to learned so much from him. He was absolutely exceptional and provided so much knowledge to the kids.”

She felt the event is both a great learning experience for youth and a place where they can make connections and friendships.

“I see it in my own son,” she said. “When he walks in that ring, he pops his chest out a little more and stands a little straighter. He’s proud of his animal, he’s proud of the job that he’s doing. You see it in a lot of these kids. This is their circle, this is their family, these are their friends and they definitely show a lot more confidence and gain confidence working hard and being a part of programs like this.”

The Young Ranchman’s All Breeds Livestock Show began in 2013 and has been taking place annually with the exception of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2023 show therefore was the 10th time the event was held. She noted the format has changed over the years and the current arrangement has been in place since 2021.

“We used to have a bigger event,” she said. “We used to do photography and art and grooming competitions and ambassador awards, but unfortunately the volunteer manpower has decreased over the years and we just are not capable of providing that level of an experience anymore.”

She felt the availability of helping hands to organize and host the event will remain an ongoing challenge, but they are looking forward to continuing the event to the benefit of youth.

“We’d love to see more exhibitors and more steers and have the opportunity to hand out even more prize money in the future,” she said.

Below are the official results for the 2023 Young Ranchman’s All Breeds Livestock Show.

Show Team Judging:

Pee Wee Division: Grand Champion Team – Reese Spenst and Sloane Hertz; Reserve Champion Team – Chloe Wagner and Jessa Whitney.

Junior Division: Grand Champion Team – Cameron Davidson and Brynn Chapman; Reserve Champion Team – Tyrell Carlson and Greely Robertson.

Intermediate Division: Grand Champion Team- Lane Steen and Emily Makey; Reserve Champion Team – Brylan Rasmuson and Curtis Hewitt.

Senior Division: Grand Champion Team – Riley Bohrson and Payton Caldwell; Reserve Champion Team – Chase Bruynoghe and Emma Lees.


Pee Wee Division: Grand Champion – Reese Spenst; Reserve Champion – Cooper Smyth.

Junior Division: Grand Champion – Laramie Greenwood; Reserve Champion – Dryden Robertson.

Intermediate Division: Grand Champion – Becca Lees; Reserve Champion – Taylor Reid.

Senior Division: Grand Champion – Eric Smith; Reserve Champion – Riley Bohrson.

Female Conformation Show:

Grand Champion Angus Female – RL Black Pearl 49K ET exhibited by Riley Bohrson; Reserve Champion Angus Female – Six Mile Lady Lee 281K exhibited by Laramie Greenwood.

Grand Champion Red Angus Female – Red Six Mile GGA Ms Frado 90K exhibited by Eric Smith; Reserve Champion Red Angus Female – Red Steen Dynamint 21K exhibited by Lane Steen.

Grand Champion Charolais Female – MVY Bo-Peep 8K exhibited by Kaycee Buchanan; Reserve Champion Charolais Female – Six Mile Empress 810L exhibited by Fowler Hertz.

Grand Champion Hereford Female – Glenlees 69H Catalina 4L exhibited by Becca Lees; Reserve Champion Hereford Female – Glenlees SNBR 173 Reva 56K exhibited by Kyla Lees.

Grand Champion Simmental Female – Outlaw Misstress 830F exhibited by Addison Barnett; Reserve Champion Simmental Female – C-D Emmy 2655 exhibited by Riley Bohrson.

Grand Champion AOB Female – Reids Aurora 166J exhibited by Taylor Reid; Reserve Champion AOB Female – Maple M Sweet Cheeks 3K exhibited by Taylor Makey.

Grand Champion Club Calf Influenced Female – RJ Gloria exhibited by Avery Bohrson; Reserve Champion Club Calf Influenced Female – KMS Copper Penny 811D 63K exhibited by Hunter Reid.

Grand Champion Commercial Female – Zoey exhibited by Kirk Rutten; Reserve Champion Commercial Female – 38 Special exhibited by Waylon Blacklock.

Supreme Overall Female – Red Six Mile GGA Ms Frado 90K exhibited by Eric Smith; Reserve Overall Female – Red Steen Dynamint 21K Exhibited by Lane Steen.

Southwest Prospect Steer Classic:

Grand Champion – Oak 2.0 Exhibited by London Matthews; Reserve Champion – No Doubt Exhibited by London Matthews.