Sask United hierarchy thrilled with Lumsden-Morse by-election results

Screen capture from Election Saskatchewan

Three Sask Party held ridings were up for re-election; they lost two Regina seats, while in their long-time stronghold of Lumsden-Morse, nearly half of the voters rejected the governing Sask Party.

The very first Sask United candidate, Jon Hromek, came in second place with nearly 23% of the vote in Lumsden-Morse. The Saskatchewan United Party is very pleased with this result as a brand new party that was just launched five months ago, at the end of February.

“We ran an incredible campaign. We are building momentum and we are not going anywhere. It is now time to get ready for the general election next fall, because I am committed to holding this government to account”, said Jon Hromek.

The strong showing in Lumsden-Morse establishes the party as a serious option for the people of Saskatchewan, and as the true opposition on the right.

The success of the Sask United Party has already begun to affect change within government. This morning, Premier Moe conceded that the Planned Parenthood sex card presentation in Lumsden was a failure on the part of his government. As a result, he has instructed the Ministry of Education to take measures to ensure such a catastrophe does not happen again.

Leader of the Saskatchewan United Party, MLA Nadine Wilson stated, “With winning second place in Lumsden-Morse, Sask United has proven to be a significant political force in this province. I am so proud of what we have accomplished together. This is just the beginning.”