Local club promotes black belts

Swift Current Christian Taekwondo recently promoted five students as new black belts. Pictured (L-R): Tate Unger, Callie Ebner, Logan Ebner, Jeremy Widdup, and Lucas Bulin. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Swift Current Christian Taekwondo promoted five students as new black belts on May 13 after hundreds of hours of training and dedication to achieve their respective milestones.

The term “Dan” is commonly used in Korean martial arts to denote a black belt. Literally, the word translates as “level” or “stage”. The highest belt level in the World Taekwondo system awarded to living people is 9th Dan.

Callie Ebner and Logan Ebner were both promoted to 3rd Dan. Tate Unger and Jeremy Widdup were promoted 2nd Dan, while Lucas Bulin was promoted to 1st Dan.