Currie releasing new single this Friday

In My Town by Dillon Currie will be released digitally on September 2.

Dillon Currie is sharing his musical range on a reflective new single which will be released digitally on Friday, September 2.

Currie, who has provided lead vocals for League of Wolves dating back to 2011, is making a big switch from his rock and roll roots with the release of his pensive new single “In My Town”.

“It’s obviously a bit of a sharp departure from my rock n roll roots there with ‘League of Wolves’, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to kind of explore. It’s more narrative style writing,” Currie said in an interview in advance of Friday’s song release.

Currie dove right into finding his singer songwriter voice during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the other members of League of Wolves based out of Saskatoon, he had no excuse to work on his own over the past number of months.

“It was one of those aspects that had been put on the back burner for a long time because when I was solely working with League of Wolves. But you can only put so many eggs in one basket.

“I think you should be working on that (League of Wolves) project all the time, which is a very different style of writing. (COVID) just kind of gave me that permission to start writing on my own for a while and figure out what that voice is when it’s just me and what stories I’d love to tell.”

His first solo release was the late 2020 song “Staying Home This Christmas”, and his new song is the first of a series of recordings which will be appeared on a debut LP scheduled to be released in March 2023.

Dillon Currie

Currie notes it has been an enjoyable experience to find a new musical voice and be more reflective of his experiences over the past number of years.

“There was more time to look back and appreciate what you have. And where we’ve been and where we’re going,” he said.

“The theme of these songs it deals a lot with growth and reflection and I’m just happy to share some new music again. And share that message that has kind of grown over the last couple of years.”

“In My Town” was recorded at Skullcreek Studios in Saskatoon with League of Wolves bandmate Aspen Beveridge producing the track. Rebecca Beveridge contributed the violin track on the single. Funding to record the song came through FACTOR Canada and Creative Saskatchewan.

Currie is excited to have had a chance to write solo material, as well as for the opportunities his new sound will provide.

“What I loved about writing these songs was I learned a lot about myself. It just gave me an opportunity to reflect and to voice how I do feel about things from the past, and what we’re going through now, and where we’re going.”

“I love writing and creating songs in a collective, but it’s very different. And this was just a new experience for me that I hadn’t done since I was like 15 years old. So it feels kind of like that new beginning and it’s exciting like any new project is.”

“It’s music I’ve never really released before. And it’s for different audiences. And with that comes different opportunities. So I’m just excited about what those are and what those will be.”