Martens seeking second term on council

Chris Martens

Chris Martens is seeking re-election to Swift Current City Council after jumping into the fall municipal election race.

Martens, who was first elected in 2016, says a positive experience on council has prompted him to run for a second term.

“I’ve really enjoyed my first four years. I’ve grown a lot, not only as a councillor but individually as well,” he explained while announcing his candidacy. “It was a real quick wake up call as to this is how things are done and this is how we like to operate. It really opens your eyes as to how a city operates. I have done nothing but grown in respect for it, and look forward to hoping that I have the ability to do more.”

He said after learning the ropes during his first term, he is prepare to move into more of a leadership role around the council table during his second term.

“I’ve learned a great deal from my fellow councillors that have all taught me tons of information and educated me on how things go. And I’m more than happy to continue along that education process.”

“All I want to do is continue to learn and continue to grow. And for anybody new that were to come in, I would be happy to be somebody that would work along side them to answer questions, give advice, whatever I could help with. That’s what I was blessed with when I got on board, and I’d be happy to do that with anybody else that came along. And on council itself look to take that leadership role and be a strong voice for the community we live in.”

He said his campaign focus is to continue to growing the community and allowing it to become more of a place that everyone can be successful in.

“I don’t want Swift Current to just be a community to live in, but I want it to be a community to thrive in,” he said.

Martens said he is proud of the city’s accomplishments over the past four years, including the necessary work they did in infrastructure and operations. However, he said he has been quick to question those decisions at the council planning table.

“I’ve never been an individual or someone that’s opposed to reasonable tax increases. In order to see projects get completed and maintain the way of life that we have in the community, there has to be the occasional increase to ensure that we can get the project completed.”

“That being said, I’m also not someone that believes we should have extravagant things thrown on there just to jump the numbers up. I’m not for that. I’m absolutely for improving the way of life that we have in the community. But I’m not for just spending for spending’s sake. If it makes sense absolutely. If it doesn’t I’ll question it.”

“I don’t believe in just looking and saying yes. That’s not where I come from. I absolutely believe to question things.”

“To me, if you don’t ask you’re never going to be in the know of what’s actually going on.”

Since joining council Martens opened a new business, Supplement King, and his family welcomed their second daughter, so he brings a perspective as both a residential taxpayer and a business taxpayer.

“The way I look at it is, I understand that I’m paying more, but at the same token I’m investing in the community because I believe in the community. So I want to grow my family here, I want to run a business here because I know that there is huge potential for the community going forward. And I want that for everybody.”