Deg seeking a second term on City Council

Bruce Deg

Making the decisions necessary to keep Swift Current moving in the right direction has prompted Bruce Deg to seek a second term on Swift Current City Council during the upcoming civic election.

Deg was first elected in 2016 and says that over the past four years the city has made some good strides forward.

“I thought the first term that I sat on Council was very productive for me and the City,” Deg said during a recent interview.

“I was proud of this city before I went on City Council. But I couldn’t be even more prouder than I am right now of the way the people in this community are inclusive, and as a city we’re inclusive.”

Deg noted that he gained some important knowledge while serving at the city’s representative on committees such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Elmwood Golf Club, Regional Library and Chinook Library Board, plus the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards.

“Those are learning processes when you get appointed to those boards. You try to bring what the City’s view and opinion are, and report back on some of the things that they are handling.”

He highlighted that the city enjoys some strong partnerships with these various boards and committees.

“We’ve got great relationships with all of our partners, including the Chamber of Commerce. That can’t be said in all of the other communities that’s for sure. I think our relationship with the Chamber of Commerce is great.”

Deg feels the city has carried a lot of momentum forward following a hectic 2019 where the community hosted a series of events highlighted by the Western Canada Summer Games.

“I think the way that the residents of the city stepped up and participated in the events that we had last year in 2019. That was something. I couldn’t imagine how we were going to do it, and I still can’t believe how we handled those events. They certainly put the city further up that map for a lot of other jurisdictions. When a City is busy, active, and participating as they are, I think that’s attractive to people that are looking for a community to move to.”

He said that council can continue to build on that success and make continued good decisions to improve the community.

“I feel with one term of experience and keeping the city going in the right direction in my mind, trying to make sure that our infrastructure is as up to date as possible.”

“I’d like to keep fostering the relationships that we have with all of our neighbouring jurisdictions. I know the RM and ourselves are doing very well. We are also participating in planning for our regional landfill. I think that’s very important. We are also helping out with some other jurisdictions with their water issues and we are lending expertise for places like Herbert that need somebody to help them with the classification of their water treatment plant. Those types of cooperations are fantastic and I’d like to keep fostering that.”

“I think we still need to keep our eye on infrastructure. We have some issues in the community that are going to need addressing down the road. I am a proponent of the Leisure Centre and I’d like to have seen that maybe gain some federal and provincial funding, but that didn’t come through this time. Hopefully there will be some other opportunities down the road to have some federal funding for a facility like that.”

Deg said that the upcoming city budget will need some special considerations while keeping an eye on expenses.

“I feel that in the last couple of years we’ve been very respectful of that, and there have been some minor increases in taxation and it barely covers the cost of living increases.”

“When you look at how small those increases have been in the last couple of years, I think I can justify that. I think those are appropriate.”

He added that with a strong field of council candidates he would appreciate the opportunity to keep moving the city forward in a positive way.

“I am very proud of this community. I’ve enjoyed my first term and I really look forward to a second term on city council. I’ll keep my sleeves rolled up and I’ll keep working hard for our taxpayers.”