Virtual Heritage Fair still accepting entries

Virtual Heritage Fair

Students who want to jump start their brains are invited to submit a project to Heritage Saskatchewan’s Virtual Heritage Fair.

Aimed at students in Grades four to eight, the Heritage Fair invites students to describe what Canadian heritage means to them in topic areas ranging from family traditions, food, music, sports, etc.

Students who have created (or were in the middle of) Heritage Fairs projects for the 2020 school year (whether or not they were selected to attend the Regional Fairs) are invited to:

  • Take and submit photos of their projects (including themselves is optional);
  • Submit their written reports, presentation outlines, speaking notes, etc. (they could also choose to submit audio or video recordings of themselves giving their presentation);
  • Submit further materials relating to their projects, such as artwork, original stories/poems, and videos.

If students did not create a Heritage Fair project in their school, they can still participate. Heritage Saskatchewan will be accepting entries from any student if submitted by April 30.

Interested students are invited to view the Heritage Fairs Toolkit Booklet posted online at or Heritage Saskatchewan’s Flickr albums of past years for ideas (

Full details are available by visiting