SCCHS honours top athletic performers

Elijah Siemens (left) and Amara Gatzke won the Male and Female Leadership Awards at the SCCHS Athletic Awards Ceremony. SUBMITTED PHOTO

The Swift Current Comp. High School recognized its top athletes at the annual awards ceremony on June 19.

Amara Gatzke was awarded the Female Leadership Award, while Elijah Siemens took home the Male Leadership Award.

Olami Akinfiresoye was named the Outstanding Female Graduating Athlete of the Year, while Hasit Desai took home the Outstanding Male Graduating Athlete of the Year Award.


The TED Award is presented to the athlete who exemplified the SCCHS Athletics core values of Teamwork, Effort, and Dedication.

Fall Sports:

X-Country – Colter Folk, Isabelle Gottselig

Football – Jack Unger

Golf – Makstr McIntyre

Colts Soccer – Austin Evans

Ardens Soccer – Nalani Chan

Jr Colts Volleyball Red Team – Paxton Wallace

Jr Ardens Volleyball Red Team – Reese Holderbein

Jr Ardens Volleyball Blue Team – Niya Friesen

Sr Colts Volleyball B Team – Marcus Manalo

Sr Colts Volleyball A Team – Hasit Desai

Sr Ardens Volleyball A Team – Kierra Lehmann

Winter Sports:

Jr Colts Basketball Blue Team – Quinn Bolton

Jr Colts Basketball Red Team – Chase Empey

Jr Ardens Basketball Red Team – Hailey Bollinger

Sr Colts Basketball – Elijah Siemens

Sr Ardens Basketball – Kylee Michaluk

Curling – Shane Cornelson, Emily Phan

Wrestling – Daynan Britton, Callie Ebner

Spring Sports:

Unified Basketball – Karlson Orthner

Badminton – Michael Liu, Nalani Chan

Track & Field – Parker Robertson, Amara Gatzke

The Minor Athletic Award is awarded to a student who accumulates 75 to 149 athletic points over their athletic career:

Grade 12: Olami Akinfiresoye, Brave Azorji, Nalani Chan, Reid Carlson, Rohne Foster, Alivia Fraser, Maddex Gording-Dovell, Thad Holliday, Minjae Kim, Talia Lawrence, Kierra Lehmann, Makstr McIntyre, Jamie McKay-Tangen, Taylor Munro, Eticha Nafyad, Riley Schafer, Janelle Stolhandske-Dale.

Grade 11: Austin Adams, Austin Bidwell, Shane Cornelson, Jacob Dickson, Amryne Duncalfe, Rayanne Fleischfresser, Kas Gatzke, Duncan Gevana, Devin Kalenchuk, Colton Koethler, Marcus Manalo, Kylee Michaluk, Xander Nicholson, Troy Oakman, Jade Philippon, Ethan Priest, Hudson Unger, Riley Wingert.

Grade 10: Ryley Bennett, Callie Ebner, Kye Griffin, Navy Louma, Bree Pavely, Nate Siemens, Griffin Striker, Jack Unger.

The Major Athletic Award is awarded to an athlete who accumulates 150 to 224 athletic points over their athletic career:

Dani Meyer with 150 points in Soccer, Sr Basketball, and Track & Field

Derric Dulatre with 157 points in Football, Gr 9 & Jr. & Sr. Basketball, and Track & Field

Elijah Siemens with 179 points in Football, Jr. & Sr. Basketball, and Track & Field

The Athletic Leadership Award is presented to an athlete who demonstrates a high level of dedication, consistently puts forth outstanding energy, effort, and improvement, represents themself with dignity, grace, and humility, and has a high level of sportsmanship.

Female Leadership Award – Amara Gatzke

Male Leadership Award – Elijah Siemens

The Outstanding Graduating Athlete of the Year Award is presented to an athlete who demonstrates a high degree of athletic ability in two or more sports, has excelled in one or more of those activities, and may continue to participate in sport after high school.

Outstanding Female Graduating Athlete of the Year Award – Olami Akinfiresoye

Outstanding Male Graduating Athlete of the Year Award – Hasit Desai



Track & Field:

Kyler Duclos – Intermediate Boys – 100m, 200m, Long Jump, Triple Jump (new Prov record), Aggregate

Emily McCleary – Intermediate Girls – Long Jump

Karlson Orthner – Open Boys – 100m Wheelchair

Olami Akinfiresoye – Senior Girls – High Jump.


Colter Folk – Cross Country (Junior Boys)

Ardens Senior Volleyball

Colts Senior Volleyball

Track & Field:

Emily McCleary – Intermediate Girls – Triple Jump

Lyla Thiessen – Junior Girls – 80m Hurdles & Pole Vault

Colter Folk – Junior Boys – 1500m & 3000m

Carter Tuplin – Senior Boys – 100m Hurdles

Intermediate Boys 4x100m – Ryan Ugalino, Elliot Janke, Kyler Duclos

Senior Boys 4x100m – Derric Dulatre, Rohne Foster, Rowan Reimer, Carter Tuplin

Open Boys 4x400m – Kyler Duclos, Rowan Reimer, Jackson Tuplin, Carter Tuplin.


Clint Asuzu – Wrestling (53kg)

Track & Field:

Elliot Janke – Intermediate Boys – 100m Hurdles

Isaac Siemens – Intermediate Boys – Pole Vault

Jackson Tuplin – Junior Boys – 100m Hurdles.