Great Plains College announces new student residence coming to Swift Current 


Great Plains College is pleased to announce the addition of its first student residence to the Swift Current Campus. The college has acquired a building on Sidney Street East and renovation plans are underway to convert the space to a 12-bedroom residence with shared living and kitchen spaces. 

“While regional colleges haven’t historically offered student residences, Great Plains College recognizes the changing learner profile in our buildings. More and more we are seeing students attend the college from beyond our city limits, many of whom need to secure short-term housing accommodations before relocating for their program,” said Brad Mahon, President & CEO at Great Plains College. “While Swift Current isn’t seeing the same low vacancy rates that other Canadian communities are experiencing, there are still limited rental options that exist in close proximity to the college, at a student price point. We hope to see this residence eliminate one more barrier to accessing post-secondary education for the future students using it.” 

The college’s interest in student housing aligns with similar strategic activities happening at post-secondary intuitions across the country. 

“Colleges and Institutes Canada has declared that student housing in Canada is in crisis as many college students face major challenges finding safe and affordable housing options near campuses,” explained Mahon. “While we don’t consider the housing situation in our service regions to be in crisis, the college is looking to proactively respond this this growing concern to best serve our students.” 

The building renovations are expected to be complete in time to provide student housing in the 2024-25 academic year. 

“In addition to providing an affordable housing option, we also see the college residence as a great way to enhance the student experience, giving students the chance to experience a residence community and build bonds outside of the classroom,” added Mahon. 

Additional details about the opening of the residence and the application process will be announced later this year.