SHSAA curling playoffs continue


Our basketball leagues are winding up. There is one junior boys league game to be played prior to playoffs being set. In the final senior boys basketball league game Maple Creek beat Gull Lake 45-27. Top scorer from Maple Creek was Aydan Buss (13 pts) and Gull Lake Daylan Eluiss (8 pts).

Maple Creek finished atop the league and Vanguard/Gull Lake were tied for second. By virtue of tie break procedure, Vanguard will host the league semi-final on Tuesday, February 13.

In the senior girls league, Maple Creek won over Swift Current (66-53). Top Maple Creek scorer was Sierra Frey (26 pts). Top Swift Current scorer was Hailey Bollinger (11 pts).

Maple Creek will finish first in the standings and play the winner of the SCCHS and Shaunavon semi-final. Shaunavon will host that semifinal on Tuesday, February 13.

One of the final Junior boys basketball league games had Shaunavon winning 87-38 over Maple Creek. Top scorer for was Alec McPhee (29 pts). Maple Creek top scorer was Sean Del Barrio (12 pts). There is one make-up game left in the junior boys league (Gull Lake vs Frontier).

All we know for the playoff format is that both Gull Lake (tied 1st) and Shaunavon (tied 1st) will host a semi-final and Maple Creek (3rd) and Frontier (4th) will travel. Once the results of the make up game are reported, we will know who hosts whom.

Moose Jaw Basketball League:
The SCCHS Senior Ardens sit in second place in the Moose Jaw basketball league standings (4-0 record). Vanier has five wins to move ahead of the Ardens.

The SCCHS Colts are second in the senior boys league with a (4-1) record. They are just behind Moose Jaw Central (5-0). The Moose Jaw League playoffs are scheduled for March 5.

SHSAA Provincial senior basketball playoffs
All 1A-4A basketball teams will start their journey to the SHSAA Provincial Basketball tournament at the conference level on March 8-9.
SWAC will host a 3A girls conference tournament in Shaunavon and a 1A boys conference tournament in Herbert.

SENIOR SWAC curlers continued their road to the SHSAA provincial championship. The SWAC district open championship was February 9-10 in Eastend. The girls/boys district championships were decided the weekend prior.

The following teams have qualified for the SHSAA Regional competition in Regina on March 1-2.

1st qualifier/district champion – SCCHS – Scotlyn Rogers, Lola Ruehs, Lillian Radtke, Lily Fergusen, coach Mark Kroeker
2nd qualifier – Ponteix – Alyssa Thigvold, Annika Roberge, Mia Goffinet-Perrault, Hannah Ulm, coach Heather Thingvold

1st qualifier/district champion – SCCHS – Riley Starkey, Troy Oakman, Rohne Foster, Sean Friesen, coach Ron Bailey.
2nd qualifier – Gull Lake – Tyler Lamarre, Zach Dysart, Lucas McMillan, Cohen Haithwaite, Trusten Kirwan, coach Amy Dysart.

1st qualifier – Hazlet – Tessa Todd, Braden Baumann, Vanessa Barr, Teagan Emms, Sina Muller, Aimee Brown, coach Tarryl Todd.
2nd – Eastend – Bodie Duke, Makayla Bjornson, Willy Li, Lola Richardson, Slade Bjornson, coach Dana Duke.

Our junior curling teams took part in their sectional playoffs this past weekend. The top two teams from each section advance to the SWAC District championship in Eastend (boys/open mixed) and Consul (girls) on March 1-2.

Whitemud Girls
1st – Consul (Mackayla Delorme, Faith Johnson, Jenaya Behrman, Brookly Newman).

Whitemud Open:
1st – Eastend (Kadence Koolen, Rylee Black, Isabelle Gordon, Clay Duke, Coach Anne Arnal).
2nd – Consul (Sierra Mackie, Jane Beierbach, Hadley Dahl, Trey Mackie, Coach Shauna Jones/Shay Pridmore/Jill Mackie).

Rolling Hills Boys:
1st – Herbert (Kashton Giraudier, Caudon Dueck, Chett Gill, Meritt Lacelle, coach Randy Vogt).
2nd – Ecole Centennial (Millar VanBreda, Micah Siemens, Micah Snyder, Kason Moffitt, coach Crystal Horn).

Rolling Hills Girls
1st – Herbert (Annaleigh Lacelle, Jessa Giraudier, Cheyenne Dueck, Zoe Monette, coach Patti Giraudier)
2nd – Ecole Centennial (Paisley Hansen, Chloe Petersen, Ainsley Jahnke, Violet Stock, Coach Tanya Hansen).

Rolling Hills Open
1st – Ponteix (Paige Ulm, Rory Scully, Bree Thingvold, Raquel Roberge, coach Jocelyn Scully).
2nd – Ponteix (Ava Marleau, Collin Scully, Ryder Evans, Jessica Douville, Heather Thingvold).

Cypress Hills Girls
1st – Maple Creek (McKenna Robertson, Shawna Wagner, Sara Bandy, Kenzie Duffee, coach Kyley Parsonage.
2nd – Leader (Rachel Cocks, Renee Butt, Sam Sibernagel, Jaylin Tumbach, Everle Ausmus, coach John Butt.

Cypress Hills Boys (in addition to Maple Creek Cronkhite and Leader, Hazlet and Maple Creek Christie will also advance)
1st – Maple Creek (Dayton Cronkhite, Cecil Baynton, Robert Parsonage, Luke Moorhead, coach Clay Moorhead).
2nd – Leader (Brody Ausmus, Colden Dale, Jace Ausmus, Patrick Dietrich, Coach Lana Steckler-Marshall).

Cypress Hills Open (the two Maple Creek teams will play for seeding on Monday, February 12)
Addison Bandy, Owen Elliott, Harper Scott, Katy Scott, Coach Landon Bertram.
Allie Roberts, Cole Schalgeter, Netina Campbell, Quin Herter, Bradyn Unger, Coach Landon Bertram.

Junior Badminton Sectionals are slated for April 27.
Cypress Hills in Maple Creek
Rolling Hills A in Herbert
Rolling Hills B in Ponteix
Whitemud in Shaunavon (commissioner is Val Marie).
Junior Districts are in Swift Current on May 4 (commissioner Gull Lake).
Senior Badminton Sectionals are April 20.
Cypress Hills in Cabri
Rolling Hills in Ponteix (Vanguard commissioner)
Whitemud in Consul.
Senior Districts are in Swift Current (Vanguard is commissioner).

The SWAC Sports report is submitted by Val Gordon